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The aim of the Laser Based Beamlaser-wireDiagnostics (LBBD) Collaboration is to study the feasibility of laser based diagnostics tools for future linear electron positron collider and proton accelerators. The objectives of the laser-wire project are to develop laser based techniques for determining the dimensions of electron (positron) bunches and optimising their application using simulations.

The performance of linear collider depends strongly on the control of the transverse particle beam size along the complete machine, for example to verify beam optics and to measure the transverse beam emittance. Some of the expected beam sizes are in the range between 500 nm and 10 µm, where conventional wire scanners are at the limit of their resolution. To provide a non-invasive measurement we suggest using a laser beam to probe the electron beam. The central idea is to use Compton scattering between electrons in the bunch and photons in the laser beam

Installed laser wire projects

After a first round of ATF extraction line laser wire, we plan to upgrade the laser wire to operate within the ATF2, ATF2 laser wire project. Similarly after a test installation at PETRA2, we have commissioned a turn key laser wire system for PETRA3. We are also developing fast laser scanners. There is a program of lens characterisation and performance study here

Theses on laser-wire

  • Lawrence Deacon : A Micron-Scale Laser-Based Beam Profile Monitor for the International Linear Collider, April 2009.
  • Michael Price : Laser-Wire Studies for PETRA and the International Linear Collider, November 2007.
  • Stephen Malton : Laser Interactions with High Brightness Electron Beams, February 2007
  • John Carter : Particle Physics and Beam-Line Studies for the Electron-Positron International Linear Collider, October 2006
  • Freddy Poirier : Beam Diagnostic Laser-wire and Fast Luminosity Spectrum Measurement at the International Linear Collider, July 2005

Public resources


  • Parameters of Compton x-ray beams: Total yield and pulse duration. Phys. Rev. Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams 8, 030703 (2005) Article
  • Measurement of an electron beam size with a laser wire beam profile monitor. Phys. Rev. Special Topics - Accelerators and Beams 4, 022801 (2001) Article

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