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Particle Physics Seminars 2007-2008

Wednesday 26 September
Dr Christopher Hill (Bristol) - "Green HEP: Doing Particle Physics with Beam Switched OFF"

Wednesday 3 October
Dr Amy Connolly (UCL) - "Closing in on Ultra-High Energy Neutrinos with the Radio Detection Technique"

Wednesday 17 October
Dr Pedro Teixeira-Dias (RHUL) - "The search for the Higgs boson"
NB: Place: T118, Time: 1:30pm

Wednesday 24 October
Dr Benjamin Allanach (Cambridge) - "KISMET and LHC Weather Forecasts"

Wednesday 31 October
Dr Chris Rogers (RAL) - "Muon Ionisation Cooling Studies"

Wednesday 14 November
Dr Hywel Owen (Daresbury Laboratory) - "Design of the 4th Generation Light Source"

Friday 16 November
Dr António Onofre (Uni. Coimbra, Portugal) - "Prospects of Top Properties at ATLAS"
NB: Place: T118, Time: 1:30pm

Wednesday 21 November
Dr Veronique Boisvert (RHUL) - "The top quark: a 'charged' topic"

Tuesday 4 December
Prof Doug Gingrich (Univ. of Alberta) - "Black Hole Production and Decay at the LHC"
NB: Place: T118, Time: 3:30pm

Tuesday 11 December
Dr David Newton (Santiago de Compostela) - "Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays at the Pierre Auger Observatory"
NB: Place: T118, Time: 3:30pm

Tuesday 22 January
Dr Fabrizio Salvatore (RHUL) - "Calorimetry R&D for the Linear Collider: latest results from the CALICE collaboration"
NB: Place: T118, Time: 3:30pm

Wednesday 6 February
Dr Alfons Weber (Oxford) - "The Future of Neutrino Oscillations - The T2K Experiment"

Wednesday 27 February
Dr Javier Resta-López (JAI/Oxford) - "Non-linear Collimation Systems for CLIC and LHC"

Wednesday 19 March
Dr Clive Speake (Birmingham) - "Experimental Tests of Gravity in the Laboratory"

Wednesday 16 April
Dr Teresa Fonseca Martin (RHUL) - "The ATLAS Trigger"
NB: Time: 11:00am

Wednesday 16 April
Dr David Waters (UCL) - "W-boson measurements at CDF"

Wednesday 30 April
Dr Chris Parkes (Glasgow) - "The LHCb Vertex Locator and the LHCb upgrade:
'finishing the bicycle wheel spokes and turning it into a Vespa'"

Wednesday 14 May
Dr Tim Gershon (Warwick) - "SuperB - A High Luminosity Asymmetric e+e- Super Flavour Factory"

Wednesday 28 May
Dr Joel Goldstein (Bristol) - "Linear Collider Flavour Identification"

Tuesday 3 June
Dr Rob Appleby (Manchester) - "Post Collision and Interaction Regions for Future Linear Electron-Positron Colliders"
NB: Time: 3:30pm


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