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Archive of past condensed matter seminars

2009-2010 Condensed matter seminars

23 Sept 2009 Weds

Dr. Martin Long (School of Physics and Astronomy, Univ Birmingham)

LiVO2: Loss of magnetism from orbitals not geometry

7 Oct 2009 Weds

Prof. Sugato Bose (Dept Physics, UCL)

Some Introductory Quantum Information Concepts for Condensed Matter Physicists

14 Oct 2009 Weds

Prof. Tzalenchuk (National Physical Laboratory)

Quantum Resistance Standard Based on Epitaxial Graphene

21 Oct 2009 Weds

Dr. Jonathan Keeling  (Cavendish Laboratory, Univ Cambridge)

Non-equilibrium polariton condensation: From microscopic theory to macroscopic phenomenology

4 Nov 2009 Weds

Dr. Swee Goh (Cavendish Laboratory, Univ Cambridge)

Probing Mott Delocalisation in CeRh_{1-x}Co_{x}In_{5} using the de Haas-van Alphen effect

18 Nov 2009 Weds

Prof. Steve Simon (Rudolf Peierls Centre for Theoretical Physics, Univ Oxford)

Topological Phases of Matter and Why You Should Be Interested

24 Nov 2009 Tues

Prof. Seamus Davis ( LASSP, Physics, Cornell U., NY, USA;

SUPA Physics, St. Andrews, Scotland;  Phys. & Astron., UBC, Vancouver, CA)
Unified Dynamics of Solid 4He - Supersolid, Vortex Liquid or Superglass?
and Imaging the Emergence of the 'Hidden Order' state from the 'Fano Lattice' 

25 Nov 2009 Weds

Prof. Andrew Boothroyd (Dept Physics, University of Oxford)

Spin waves in charge-ordered antiferromagnets: the hourglass ticks again

27 Nov 2009 Fri

Prof. Steve Hayden (Dept Physics, University of Bristol)

Spin Correlations in Iron-Pnictides and Other Unconventional Superconductors

11 Dec 2009 Fri  

Dr. Philipp Niklowitz (Dept Physics, Royal Holloway University of London)

The relation between the hidden order and antiferromagnetism in URu2Si2 studied by Larmor diffraction

20 Jan 2010 Weds

Prof. Anthony Carrington (H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory,   University of  Bristol)

Normal and superconducting state electronic structure of iron-based superconductors

5 Feb 2010 Fri 

Prof. Nigel Cooper (Cavendish Laboratory, University of Cambridge)

Creating and Detecting a Topological Superfluid Phase

10 Mar 2010 Weds

Dr. D. Tsomokos (Dept Maths, RHUL)

Stability of topological order after a sudden quantum quench

17 Mar 2010 Weds

Prof. Tania  Monteiro  (Department of Physics and Astronomy University College London)

Cold atoms in time-periodic external fields

7 Apr 2010 Weds

Professor Andrei Zaikin (Institut fur Theoretische Festkorperphysik Universitat Karlsruhe Germany)

 Shot noise and Coulomb blockade of Andreev reflection

9 Apr 2010 Fri

Dr M. Kalenkov (Department of Theoretical Physics P. N. Lebedev Institute of Physics Russian Academy of Sciences)

Josephson coupling through ferromagnetic structures with inhomogeneous magnetization

12 May 2010 Weds

Prof. James Annett (H.H. Wills Physics Laboratory, University of Bristol)

Chiral superconductivity in Sr2RuO4

19 May 2010 Weds

Dr. Will Branford

 (Blackett Laboratory, Imperial College London)  
 Direct observation of magnetic monopole defects in an artificial spin-ice system

11 June 2010 Thurs

Prof. David Heyes (Dept Physics, RHUL)


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