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Industry lectures

Daiwa Capital Markets, Executive Director, Head of Communication & Marketing

Paul Lyon, Executive Director, Head of Communication & Marketing, Daiwa Capital Markets gave a step-by-step guide to Japanese banks, and announced that Daiwa’s new strategy was to be recognized as acknowledged experts in the expanding markets of the Asia Pacific.

‘The chance to meet a senior manager in international banking inspired me to study further the role that an expanding and reformed banking industry might have on China’s long-term economic development’ Weijia Zhu, MA in Asia Pacific Business, current PhD student at Royal Holloway, University of London.

Hitachi Europe, Group Public Affairs Director

Hans Daems, Group Public Affairs Director, Hitachi Europe revealed Hitachi’s plans for investing in Britain and Europe, and discussed why his company was strengthening its position in high-tech manufacturing and engineering.

‘By listening to an executive from Hitachi, I directly understood the managerial issues Japanese and other major multinationals face, and how they try to find solutions’ Bao Chu, MA in Asia Pacific Business, Royal Holloway International, University of London.

Huawei Technologies, Vice President

Tim Watkins, Vice President, Western Europe, Huawei Technologies described the remarkable rise of Huawei as a multinational, and explained how it built a network of clients to become a central part of Britain’s telecommunications industry.

‘When I attended the lecture of Huawei’s Vice President I learnt how a Chinese company can create successful and profitable relationships with international partners’ Tianying Li, MA in Asia Pacific Business, Project Manager, China Suntien Green Energy Corporation, China.

Japan Export & Trade Organization (JETRO), Director General

Jun Arima, Director General, Japan Export and Trade Organization, London explained Japanese government policies for attracting inward investment, and showed how Japanese multinationals were maintaining their advantage in high-tech manufacturing and high-margin services.

‘The JETRO lecture was an invaluable insight into the many far-reaching changes in the Japanese economy, and I established connections which helped me to develop my businesses’ Tatsuya Mishimagi MA MBA PhD, Royal Holloway, University of London, Senior Managing Director, Hayashi Chemical Industry Co. Ltd and E’sam Co. Ltd, Japan.

Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency - Deputy Director General

Steve Suk-Ho Lee, Deputy Director General, Korea Trade-Investment Promotion Agency discussed how a medium sized nation such as Korea could have such a large international impact, culturally and economically, and explained the rise of Korean companies in overseas markets.

‘Mr Lee’s talk sharpened my understanding of Korea’s international competitive advantages, and my greater appreciation of sources of growth in the Korean economy has assisted me in my chosen profession in financial services’ Jason Kang BSc MSc PhD, Royal Holloway, University of London, Manager, Equity Sales, Hyundai Securities (Europe) Ltd.

Samsung Electronics - European Public Relations Director

Brendan Gore, European Public Relations Director, Samsung Electronics emphasized the importance of marketing and attractive design, as well as technology to the worldwide success of Samsung Electronics, and explained how the company’s management plan to stay at the forefront of the industry.

‘Samsung is the most respected business in Korea, and their visit to the university was for me a highlight, firstly, on how businesses from the Asia Pacific have been so successful, but, secondly, on why they must change to meet conditions of the future’ Seunghoon Jang, MA in Asia Pacific Business.

TECO Group UK, Managing Director

Eric Kan, Managing Director, TECO Group UK explained the special ability Taiwanese companies had in building international production networks, and spoke personally about the qualities of Asia Pacific management and how it differed from working methods in western companies.

‘One of the guest speakers that impressed me most was Eric Kan. He carefully explained how late-comer Asia Pacific multinationals could overtake their western rivals in the global market. By listening to these guest speeches, I developed a special grounding in international business and a global mind-set’ Terry Lirui Guo, MA in Asia Pacific Business, Recruitment Consultant, NP Group.

Toyota Motors Corporation, Senior Vice President

Graham Smith, CBE, Senior Vice President, Toyota Motors Corporation explained how Toyota had achieved leadership in the global automobile industry, and offered his personal insights into how Toyota’s management had recently tackled its supply chain problems.

‘Listening to speakers such as Graham Smith from Toyota gave me a unique and practical insight into multinational companies, and my specialist knowledge of Asia Pacific business helped me greatly during job interviews’ Jeffrey Dalman, MA in Asia Pacific Business, WMG Services Ltd, London and Hong Kong.

Mitsubishi Corporation, Director & Chief Administration Officer

Mr Shinji Kowase, Director and Chief Administration Officer, Mitsubishi Corporation explained how Mitsubishi Corporation’s diversified operations had enabled the company to respond to rapidly changing economic conditions, how it had re-built its business model to generate new sources of revenue, and how it used risk-management techniques to determine its investments.

‘Hearing about the changing strategies of Mitsubishi Corporation made me understand how to assess business decisions, and how to develop operational systems for the world's fast-growing emerging economies. I recognize more clearly the need for forward thinking and for being ready to respond to uncertain global trends’, Yifeng Yao, MA in Asia Pacific Business.




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