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Library regulations

The Library's Aims

  • To support the College's teaching and research by collecting, recording, conserving and disseminating information acquired in whatever format is appropriate (conventional publications, electronic, microform, video, compact disk, etc.)
  • To provide services that assist and encourage users to make the best possible use not only of the Library's collections but also of sources of information available within the University of London and throughout the United Kingdom and beyond.
  • To provide an environment conducive to productive study and research in the Library.

In pursuit of these aims the Library expects that:

  • Library users and staff treat each other with respect and consideration.
  • Library users and staff respect private and College property.
  • Library users comply with requests made by library staff.
  • Library users act in a manner consistent with these regulations and other library policies.

The Library's regulations

A. Access

  1. Members of the Council, Fellows, Honorary Associates, members of staff of the College, registered students and retired staff are entitled to free membership of the Library.
  2. Intercollegiate students attending the College as an integral part of a taught course are entitled to free membership of the Library.
  3. Members of external organisations which have been granted permission to use the Library under specified conditions are entitled to membership. In some instances charges may apply. Please refer to the Library website for further information about membership schemes for external users.   
  4. All members of the public can have free reference access to the Library.
  5. All users and others entering, or found in, Library premises may be required to present their user ID cards, reader cards, day tickets or other form of identity if requested to do so by a member of the library staff. Library cards and day tickets are not transferable. Their loss should be reported immediately.
  6. Advanced notice and permission is required before groups of visitors are admitted to the Library. Please contact the Library for further information.
  7. Approval must be sought in advance to film within the Library.

B. Borrowing

  1. All library material on the open shelves may be borrowed unless the material is marked for reference purposes only.
  2. Borrowing procedures, loan entitlements, loan periods and overdue charges applicable to the various categories of users and materials, as recommended by the Library Advisory Body and approved by the Academic Board, are accessible via the Library website.
  3. Items loaned to a user are for the personal use of that user and may not be transferred to another person. They remain the responsibility of the user until returned to the Library and the loans cancelled.
  4. All items on loan must be returned by their due date and time.
  5. Any loan may be renewed if not required or reserved by another user providing no outstanding fines exist on the user's record. If an item is requested by another user it must be returned without delay.

C. Conduct

  1. Smoking including the use of e-cigarettes is forbidden in the Library and is also forbidden in areas just outside of the Library.
  2. Conversation and noise are acceptable in designated areas of the Library but should be kept to a minimum so as not to disturb others.
  3. Some areas are designated for silent study only. Conversation and noise are strictly forbidden in these areas.
  4. Mobile phone conversations are permitted in group study areas but should be kept to a minimum so as not to disturb other users. Mobile phone conversations are not permitted in silent study areas or stairwells.
  5. Consumption of food or drink is permitted in designated areas of the Library and users are asked to take personal rubbish with them or use the bins provided. Hot food is not permitted in the Library.
  6. With the exception of guide dogs, animals are not permitted in the Library.
  7. Users are required to vacate the Library at designated closing times, upon hearing alarm bells or at other times when requested by library staff.
  8. The Library is an alcohol free zone and users will be asked to leave the Library if caught in possession of alcohol or are intoxicated.

D. General regulations

  1. Users of the Library's services and collections are obliged to abide by current legislation on copyright, data protection and computer misuse. Those using the photocopying and scanning devices shall comply with the terms of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 and will be held personally responsible for any breach of this and related legislation. When using IT equipment or software the IT regulations and legal information should be adhered to at all times.
  2. Users shall comply with the terms of such licences that the College holds with organisations for the dissemination of information.
  3. Registered users shall inform the Library of any change of name or address.
  4. Such personal property as may be brought into the Library is done so at the owner's risk and may be inspected by the library staff at any time.
  5. Users are forbidden to deface, damage, misuse or interfere with the Library environment (including toilet facilities), Library material, equipment, furniture or fixtures.
  6. Reading places may not be reserved and library staff may remove any item left at an unoccupied place.
  7. Library staff cannot be held responsible for non-receipt of communications from the Library regarding overdue or recalled material or other matters.
  8. Segways, hoverboards, skateboard, bicycles, scooters, motorbikes or any other such personal transportation vehicles (other than mobility aids) may not be ridden in the Library.

E. Penalties

  1. The University of London, Conditions of Admission to a degree, diploma or certificate shall apply by which students are expected to ensure that all debts to the University are settled prior to the end of the academic year to avoid further action being taken to recover overdue books or fees. 
  2. Users failing to observe borrowing regulations will be subject to fines and to suspension of borrowing privileges. Fines should be paid in full.
  3. Users responsible for damage to or loss of library materials including laptops, equipment or premises will be required to pay the full replacement cost, and an administrative fee will be charged.
  4. In the case of a user attempting to steal or damage Library property, or having been discovered to have done so, the matter will be referred to College disciplinary procedures.
  5. Users failing to observe silence in designated silent study areas will be asked to leave the Library premises and may risk suspension of borrowing privileges for specified periods.
  6. Serious or persistent offences against Library regulations may lead to College or University disciplinary procedures.

F. Guarantee of service

The Library is committed to providing the highest possible levels of service to all users. Opinions and feedback on Library services are always welcome and can be communicated by emailing library@rhul.ac.uk.


Last revised: June 2016

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Need help? Contact us
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