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Staff directory

Academic Staff

Job title
Mr John Austen|   McCrea 346 01784 443974
Prof Simon Blackburn | Professor of Pure Mathematics McCrea 214 01784 443422
Mr Robert Carolina

Mr Lorenzo Cavallaro

McCrea 231
01784 414381
Dr Carlos Cid Reader
McCrea 224
01784 414685
Dr Chez Ciechanowicz Programme Director
McCrea 341
01784 443112
Dr Lizzie Coles-Kemp Lecturer in Information Security
McCrea 342
01784 443084
Prof Jason Crampton Reader in Mathematics
McCrea 344
01784 443117
Mr Andreas Fuchsberger
McCrea 230
01784 443094
Dr Gerhard Hancke

McCrea 223
01784 414922
Dr Kostas Markantonakis Reader in Smart Card Centre
Founders West 158
01784 414409
Prof Keith Martin Director of Information Security Group
McCrea 349
01784 443099
Prof Keith Mayes Director of Smart Card Centre
Founders West 156
01784 414408
Prof Chris Mitchell Professor of Computer Science McCrea 347
01784 443423
Prof Sean Murphy Professor of Mathematics
McCrea 354
01784 443699
Dr Siaw-Lynn Ng Lecturer
McCrea 250
01784 414397
Prof Kenny Paterson Leadership Fellow
McCrea 348
01784 414393
Prof Dusko Pavlovic

McCrea 227
01784 443081
Prof Fred Piper  
McCrea 233
01784 443098
Dr Geraint Price Lecturer ISG McCrea 225 01784 414160
Prof Rüdiger Schack Head of Department (Mathematics)
McCrea 234
01784 443097
Dr Allan Tomlinson Senior Lecturer in Information Security - ISG McCrea 350
01784 443079
Prof Mike Walker Visiting Professor

Dr Colin Walter Senior Lecturer / Programme Director
McCrea 340
01784 443089
Dr Stephen Wolthusen Reader
McCrea 353
01784 443270

Visiting Professors

Job title
Prof Henry Beker | Visiting Professor
Prof Whitfield Diffie| Visiting Professor     
Prof Paul Dorey| Visiting Professor    
Prof Dieter Gollmann| Visiting Professor    
Prof David Naccache| Visiting Professor    
Prof Nelson Stephens| Visiting Professor McCrea 352  
Prof Richard Walton| Visiting Professor McCrea 250  


Job title
Ali Abdallah
Academic Visitor McCrea 356b
Iain Crinson
Academic Visitor

Benoit DuCray
Academic Visitor  Founders West SCC
SeongHan Shin
Academic Visitor  McCrea 230
Yuto Nakano|
Academic Visitor
McCrea 106
Liwei Qi|
Academic Visitor
McCrea 356b

Research Assistants

research assistants
Job title
Dr Martin Helmhout| Research Assistant (VOME)
McCrea 208

Dr. Elahe Kani-Zabihi| Research Assistant (VOME)
McCrea 208  

Research Students

 Job Title
Mr Raja Naeem Akram |  Research Student  Queens Annexe 104
01784 414297
Mr Abdulrahman Al-Mutairi  Research Student  McCrea 355
01784 414221
Mr Haitham Al-Sinani|  Research Student  McCrea 355
01784 414221
Ms Suaad Alarifi  Research Student  McCrea 247
01784 278142
Mrs Muntaha Alawneh |  Research Student     
Mr James Alderman  Research Student   McCrea 247
01784 276142
Mr Nadhem Alfardan |  Research Student   McCrea 355
01784 414221
Mr Ahmad Bahar  Research Student   McCrea 253
01784 443113
Mr Zeeshan Bilal |  Research Student   Portakabin 1
 01784 414347
Mr Clive Blackwell |  Research Student    
Mr Christian Bonnici  Research Student    
Mr Marcelo Carlos  Research Student 355
Mr Calvin Chen |  Research Student  Founders West 152
Mr Jihoon Cho  Research Student    
Ms Sheila Cobourne  Research Student    
Mr Rosli Daud  Research Student

Mr Jean Paul Degabriele |  Research Student    
Mr Robert Fitzpatrick  Research Student    
Mr Lishoy Francis |  Research Student    
Ms Eduarda Freire|  Research Student    
Mr Michael Gilhespy|  Research Student    
Mr Darryl Green |  Research Student     
Mr Ghani Haji Naim|  Research Student    
Mr Neil Hare-Brown  Research Student    
Ms Fiona Higgins|  Research Student  
Mr Graham Hili|  Research Student

Mr Nick Hoare|  Research Student

Mr David Hollands  Research Student

Miss ShengLan Hu|  Research Student    
Mr Nicholas Humphrey|  Research Student    
Ms Michelle Kendall  Research Student    
Mr Lazaros Lyrillidis
Mr Qin Li|  Research Student    
Mr John MacDonald|  Research Student    
Ms Amizah Malip|  Research Student    
Mr Wandile Mcanyana|  Research Student    
Mr Thomas McEvoy|  Research Student    
Mr Konstantinos Mersinas  Research Student

Mr Anish Mohammed|  Research Student    
Mr Shahram Mossayebi  Research Student    
Mr Mehari Msgna  Research Student    
Ms Julia Novak|  Research Student    
Mr Laurence O'Toole|  Research Student    
Mr Anthony Palmer|  Research Student    
Ms Anastasia Panoui|  Research Student    
Mr Viet Pham|  Research Student    
Mr Gordon Procter  Research Student

Ms Elizabeth Quaglia|  Research Student    
Ms Penying Rochanakul|  Research Student    
Mr Muhammad Qasim Saeed|  Research Student    
Mr Ian Sargeant|  Research Student    
Mr Dale Sibborn  Research Student

Mr Muhammad Suid|  Research Student    
Ms Susan Thomson  Research Student    
Mr Terrence Walker|  Research Student    
Ms Zhiqian Xu|  Research Student    
Mr Po-Wah Yau  Research Student

Mr Wei Zhang|  Research Student    
Mr Rostom Zouaghi|  Research Student    

Administration and technical staff

Job title
Room/ Telephone
Mr Tristan Findley | ISG Systems Administrator

McCrea 357

01784 443315
Mr Jon Hart | ISG Network Manager

McCrea 357

01784 443111
Mrs Claire Hudson|
ISG Distance Learning Administrator

McCrea 339

01784 414340
Ms Liz Jenkins | Computer technician

McCrea 357

01784 443116
Mrs Jenny Lee | Assistant Administrator

McCrea 243

01784 443091
Miss Emma Mosley| ISG Administrator

McCrea 339

01784 443101
Mrs Valerie Nicol|
Faculty Administrative Assistant

McCrea 243

01784 443093
Mrs Lisa Nixon|
Computer Technician

McCrea 243

01784 443106
Mr Guillaume Subra|
Senior Faculty Administrator - Mathematics

McCrea 232

01784 443085
Mrs Lynne White|
VOME Administrator

McCrea 208

01784 414347



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