Key Contacts

Sheryl Simon, Director of Student Recruitment & Partnerships 

E:          T: 01784 443335

Suzie Breton, Department Administrator

Student Recruitment

Paul Woods, Assistant Director
Recruitment in the UK (including Outreach)
Vacant - Senior Regional Officer
Emily Collins, Senior Widening Participation Officer
James Aitken, Recruitment & Outreach Officer
Kaz Hassan, Student Recruitment
Ellen Smith, Assistant Outreach & Schools Liaison Officer
Matthew Wilks, Postgraduate Student Recruitment Officer
Joseph Worsfold, Recruitment & Events Officer
Tereza Knazurova, Student Recruitment & Events Officer
Alberto Demo, Student Recruitment & Events Administrator
Recruitment from the EU and Overseas
Hayley Simpson, Senior International Recruitment Manager 
Jamie Pipkin, Regional Officer (Europe)
Max Lacey,  Regional Officer (The Americas)
Niall Mullins,  Regional Officer (Central & South Asia)
Alice Carney - Regional Officer (South East Asia)
Andy Rowe, Regional Officer (Middle East & Africa)
Shuang Gao, Regional Officer (China & East Asia)
Sarah Morris, Student Recruitment Administrator
Jasmy Machaiah, Student Recruitment Administrator
Digital Engagement
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Jennifer Rich, Senior Student Recruitment Digital Manager
Montserrat Verdugo-Sanchez, Student Recruitment Digital Manager
Camilla Potter, Student Recruitment Digital Officer 
Simon Rogg, Student Recruitment Digital Officer
David Cook, Student Recruitment Digital Officer


Tom Windle, Senior Partnerships Manager
Valentina Seravalle, Senior Partnerships Manager
Max Lacey, Regional Officer (Americas)
Liz Chapman, International Partnerships Coordinator

Admissions and Applicant Services

Sue Gemmill, (tel: 6365), Assistant Director 


Richenda Brewer, (tel: 6670), Student Recruitment Systems Manager
Catherine Porter, (tel: 6368), Admissions Systems Officer


Catherine Cole, (tel: 3355), Senior Admissions Officer - Undergraduate
Jialin Li,  (tel: 6173), Senior Admissions Officer - Postgraduate


Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences

Mandy Phillips, (tel: 3342), Admissions Team Leader

Undergraduate Team Contact:
Fiona Adams, (tel: 3672), Admissions & Applicant Services Advisor
Patrick Hunt, (tel: 3668), Admissions & Applicant Services Advisor

Postgraduate Team Contact:
Judyta Golding, (tel: 6399), Admissions & Applicant Services Advisor
Matthew Wilkins, (tel: 3721), Admissions & Applicant Services Advisor


Faculty of Management and Economics

Sam Gibson, (tel: 4030), Admissions Team Leader

Undergraduate Team Contact:
Dan Newport, (tel: 6621), Admissions & Applicant Services Advisor
Natasha Prior, (tel: 3336), Admissions & Applicant Services Advisor
Kyley Houghton, (tel: 6397), Admissions & Applicant Services Advisor

Postgraduate Team Contact:
Amelia Tomany, (tel: 6398), Admissions & Applicant Services Advisor
Karen Smith, (tel: 3479), Admissions & Applicant Services Advisor
Gulbin Chaworth-Musters, (tel: 6377), Admissions & Applicant Services Advisor


Faculty of Science

Emily Buckingham, (tel: 6348), Admissions Team Leader

Undergraduate Team Contact:
Wendy Yang, (tel: 6396), Admissions & Applicant Services Advisor
Sarah Eggleton (tel: 6397), Admissions & Applicant Services Advisor

Postgraduate Team Contact:
Sarah Parker, (tel: 4694), Admissions & Applicant Services Advisor
Louise Doherty, (tel: 6377), Admissions & Applicant Services Advisor
Gregory Goss-Durant, (tel:6667 ), Admissions & Applicant Services Advisor

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