Consultancy at Royal Holloway

The expertise and know-how of Royal Holloway researchers is of considerable value. Our experts have advised companies, charities and government bodies worldwide on an extensive variety of topics. Examples include information security, oil exploration, patient health assessment, economic and healthcare policy advice and analysis of public attitude towards current affairs.

Research & Enterprise is committed to providing services to make it possible for staff to carry out consultancy for external organisations efficiently and professionally. All consultancy must be conducted according to the College Consultancy Policy.

We can assist with

  • negotiation of contracts and agreements, including the negotiation of fees
  • management of consultancy projects including invoicing and revenue collection

Staff working on consultancy projects are covered by the College's professional indemnity insurance. We can also ensure that the interests of staff and the College are protected by nondisclosure or confidentiality agreements when necessary.

General information about undertaking consultancy

With permission from the Head of Department, staff can undertake up to 30 days consultancy per year. The consultancy must be related to their academic activity within the College.

Consultancy allows Royal Holloway employees to earn extra income in addition to developing strong links with industry, charity and government partners and broadening their professional development. Royal Holloway consultancy projects have also generated ideas for novel research directions and commercial applications of existing research outputs.

Potential clients are encouraged to contact Royal Holloway via our Consultancy page and are able to use the Find an expert link on the right. Financial sector clients may also contact the College via the Libera Consultant Network described below.

Once notified of a potential consultancy opportunity, Research & Enterprise will endeavour to work alongside the consultant to reach an agreement with the client in the shortest time possible.

Following notification of completion of a project, we will arrange for invoicing and for the distribution of proceeds.

All consultancy contracts and related agreements must be signed by a Director of Royal Holloway Enterprise Ltd: a wholly owned subsidiary which allows the College to offer commercial services to business.

Royal Holloway consultancy policy

Royal Holloway revised its consultancy policy in 2008 to provide added incentives for staff to undertake consultancy and engage with industry and other external organisations. The policy describes, amongst other things, how the fee income for consultancy is shared between the academic consultant and the College.

 Consultancy Policy PDF file - the link will open in a new window.

Royal Holloway Enterprise Ltd 

Consultancy contracts and similar commercial services, such as technical and laboratory analytical services, are operated through Royal Holloway Enterprise Limited, a company registered in England under number 2667639 and whose registered office is at Egham Hill, Egham, Surrey, TW20 0EX. Royal Holloway Enterprise Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the College.

The Board of Royal Holloway Enterprise Ltd consists of the directors of the company. Current directors of the company are (with their College post in parenthesis):
Stephen Avery (Chief Financial Officer)
Tony Greenwood (Director of Research and Enterprise)
Professor Paul Hogg (Vice-Principal, Research and Enterprise)
Company Secretary
Jenny Febry (Deputy Director of Finance)

The Board meets three times per year and is responsible for the management of the company. The aim of the company is to maximise the return to its shareholder from consultancy and related services provided by College staff and using College facilities and to ensure that contracts for these services are executed in the most effective and tax efficient manner whilst providing the best possible service to its clients. More information on how consultancy and related services are managed within the College can be found in this section of the website.   

Royal Holloway Enterprise Ltd does not employ any staff. The College provides Royal Holloway Enterprise Ltd with a number of services, such as: the expertise of its academic staff; technical facilities and support services such as credit control, management accounting and contract negotiation to enable the company to fulfil its commercial contracts.

Full details of the services and the terms of the supply of these services by the College to Royal Holloway Enterprise Ltd can be found in the Cost Sharing Agreement for Services between the College and the company - the PDF file will open in a new window. The agreement was approved by the company's shareholder, the College and the company on 6 April 2011.  

Royal Holloway Enterprise Ltd Articles of Association (link opens a pdf in a new window).

You can obtain free copies of all of Royal Holloway Enterprise Limited statutory filings at the Companies House website 



First steps / who to contact

If you are interested in finding out more about undertaking consultancy or have a consultancy opportunity to discuss, please contact the Research & Business Development Manager for your department (see Research and Enterprise Contacts).

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