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Appeals procedure

Policy and Procedure for Room Allocation Appeals

If you believe that you have been unfairly disadvantaged in your application for accommodation, you are able to submit a written (email) appeal and request that your accommodation allocation is reviewed. Please see the further details below.

If you wish to appeal because you believe that the room you have been offered is not suitable for your disability, please follow the appeals procedure below and also ensure that you have contacted the Disability and Dyslexia Office with details of your disability.

An appeal must be made via email after having received your room offer, and before the offer expiry date. We are unable to register your appeal via telephone. 

Please be aware that if you are unhappy with the room you had been offered, as you hoped for an alternative, we are unable to uphold this as a valid reason for an appeal.


Before you proceed with making your appeal please make a note of the following points:

1. The room allocation process is carried out in line with the College Accommodation Policy that is agreed annually.

2. The demand for rooms in the university halls of residence is very high and it is not always possible to provide everyone with their preferred choice. 

3. We endeavour to ensure that you are given your highest preference possible.

4. Upon receipt of your email notification of the accommodation allocation, we require you to accept or decline your offer within a specific timeframe. If you accept your offer, this will form a binding contract between yourself and the College. If you are unhappy with your allocation you can decline your offer and you will need to request to be placed on the Low Priority Waiting List for re-allocation. If you wish to be placed on this List for an alternative room offer, please email the Student Services Centre. Please note that the timing of a further room offer cannot be confirmed, however, it is unlikely to be before the start of term, and may not be until Term 2 or even later.

Please note: if you join the Low Priority Waiting List you will only be considered for a second room offer after all other applicants (including late applicants) receive their first room offer. Before declining an offer, please read the information regarding the Low Priority Waiting List.

If you believe that you have been unfairly disadvantaged and can demonstrate this, please follow the procedure below. To enable the Student Services Centre team to offer you an efficient service please note that we will only manage appeals made via email and are unable to accept appeals over the telephone.

Procedure to Appeal a Room Allocation:

Please ensure that you complete your appeal before the deadline for accepting your room offer expires.

To make your appeal, please send an email to the Student Services Centre with the subject heading 'Appeal Against Student Accommodation Allocation'.

You must provide the following details:

Student Reference Number (100XXXXXX)

First Name

Last Name

Hall allocation

Full explanation; reasons why you believe that you have been unfairly disadvantaged.

We will endeavour to review your appeal and respond by email within 14 days. Please do not accept or decline your room offer until you receive a response to your appeal, even if the offer expiry date should pass - the appeal process will supercede the offer expiry date, so please wait to recieve the result of your appeal before accepting or declining your room offer.

If you are unhappy with the outcome of your appeal and you still believe that you have been unfairly disadvantaged you may have recourse to a formal complaint. To find out about the formal complaints procedure, please click here. Please ensure that you have gone through the above appeals process first.


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