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Application portfolio for Creative Writing

The Deadlines for your portfolio submissions are:


Friday 9 December 2016


3 February 2017


Please note that you should only submit your portfolio when you receive an email requesting it as your deadline will be specified in this email.


Please note that if you are applying after the first UCAS deadline of 15 January, a portfolio will only be requested if there is space remaining on the course. If applicable, the deadline for the portfolio will be 3 February 2017.

Writing is a skill that requires something other than academic ability, and so we ask all applicants to the Creative Writing program at Royal Holloway to submit a sample of creative work in addition to their UCAS forms.

To level the playing field and make it easier for us to judge among submissions, we have decided to set the writing assignments ourselves. Do not send us any of your creative work apart from your response to these assignments.

For your submission, please write two creative pieces, one for each of the following:

1. Write a creative piece on the subject of: 'A place where I grew up.'

2. Write a creative piece using one of the following opening lines:

  • By the time she'd restrung her guitar, the audience had grown bored, but she didn't care what her little brother thought, anyway.
  • At night, before I go to sleep, I leave my phone on the bedside table.
  • When he first found the capsule in the garden, he thought it had probably been left there by the previous tenants - Bill and his mom had only been living there since the summer.

Feel free to change names and genders, and move from third person to first person or from first to third. Your response may be in any genre (poetry, prose, non-fiction, fiction, script) and the total submission should be no longer than four pages  (double-spaced, 12 pt). This work should not have been produced for an existing class assignment but it might relate to your own reading interests. We will be looking for originality, thinking, technical competence and a clear relationship to the reading that you have undertaken in your own pursuit of becoming a writer.

Please submit your documentation through our Creative Writing Submission form.

Please fill in all fields of the form; you may use the notes box for any explanatory text regarding your submission. Make sure to number every page and to type your name and UCAS number at the top of every page of your submission. 

N.B. You will only be invited to submit your documentation once your UCAS application has been accepted.

The deadlines for portfolio submission are: 

9 December 2016, or

3 February 2017, if applying after the first deadline

Your form must be submitted by these dates to be considered.

Please note that we are unable to provide feedback on individual assignment submissions or applications.

Best of luck!


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