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Staff directory - Earth Sciences

Academic Staff

Job title
Adam, Jürgen Professor in Structural Geology 01784 414258 QB216
Basu, Anirban
Lecturer in Isotope Geochemistry 01784 443890 QB251
Chiarella, Domenico
Lecturer in Sedimentary Geology 01784 443581 QB281
Clemitshaw, Kevin Senior Lecturer in Environmental Geoscience 01784 414026 QB243
Collinson, Margaret Professor of Plant Palaeobiology 01784 443607 QB254
Dickson, Alex Lecturer in Isotope Geochemistry 01784 443834 QB253
Falcon-Lang, Howard Professor 01784 443581 QB277
Gudmundsson, Agust Professor of Structural Geology 01784 276345 QB282
Hall, Robert Professor and Director of SE Asia Group 01784 443897 QB268b
Hernandez-Molina, Javier Reader in Sedimentary Geology 01784 443581 QB267b
Hier-Majumder, Saswata Senior Lecturer in Geophysics 01784 443581 QB252
King, Martin Professor in Environmental Geoscience 01784 414038 QB238
Le Heron, Daniel Reader in Earth Sciences 01784 443615 QB244
Manning, Christina Lecturer in Igneous Geochemistry 01784 443835 QB245
Mattey, David Professor of Geochemistry 01784 443587 QB250
McClay, Ken Professor of Structural Geology 01784 443618 QB269
Morgan, Jason Professor of Geophysics 01784 443606 QB270
Nisbet, Euan Professor of Earth Sciences 01784 443809 QB280
Scarselli, Nicola Lecturer in Subsurface Imaging & Evaluation 01784 443597 QB222c
Smith, Steve Senior Lecturer in Environmental Geoscience 01784 443635 JB003
Solferino, Giulio
Lecturer in Earth Science Resources 01784 443581 QB249
Thirlwall, Matthew Professor in Isotope Geochemistry 01784 443609 QB245
Vannucchi, Paola Professor in Marine Geology 01784 443616 QB279
Waltham, David Professor in Mathematical Geology 01784 443617 QB247
Watkinson, Ian Regional Tectonic Analysis 01784 414046 QB278

Support Staff

Job Title
Parsonage, Dan Technical Operations Manager 01784 443595 QB265
Brown, Julie     Department Manager 01784 443582 QB215
Longbottom, Mark IT Manager 01784 443622 QB224
Serpant, Diane Financial Administrator 01784 443588 QB253
D'Souza, Kevin Deputy TOM & Photography 01784 443610 QB219
Lehane, Frank Electronics & Computing 01784 414176 QB224
White, Lynne Postgraduate Programmes Coordinator 01784 443581 QB215
Gibbons, Sharon Palaeontology Technician 01784 443619 QB261
Woods, Sue Geochemistry Laboratory & Rock Crushing 01784 443633 QB041
Holloway, Neil Thin Sections 01784 443623 QB009
Morris, Jerry Science Workshop Engineer 01784 443661 Science Workshop
White, Babara Laboratory Technician 01784 443581 QB016

Research Staff

Job title
Dr Rebecca Fisher Atmospheric biogeochemistry QB202a
Dr Nathalie Grassineau Laboratory Director, Stable Isotope & Geochemistry QB276
Dr Amy Gough Postdoctoral Fellow in Clastic Sedimentology QB268
Dr James Hammerstein Postdoctoral Researcher in Structural Geology QB271
Mr Mathias Lanoisellé Postgraduate Research Assistant QB263
Dr Qiong Li Leverhulme Postdoctoral Researcher QB202a
Dr David Lowry Research Officer, Stable Isotope Laboratories QB276
Dr Lucia Perez Diaz Postdoctoral Researcher in Tectonics and Structural Geology QB271

Emeritus, Honorary & Visiting Staff

Job title
Ali Al-Juboury Visiting Professor in Earthsciences
David Alderton Honorary Research Associate
Tony Barber Emeritus Reader, Tectonics, SE Asia Group
Derek Blundell Emeritus Professor of Geophysics, Basin Dynamics
Dan Bosence Emeritus Professor of Carbonate Sedimentology
Ian Davison Visiting Professor in Earthsciences
John Dolson Visiting Professor in Petroleum Geosciences
Keith Gerdes Honorary Lecturer
Jake Hossack Visiting Professor in Geology
Martin Insley Visiting Professor in Petroleum Geology
John Mather Emeritus Professor in Hydrogeology & Environmental Geochemistry
Martin Menzies Emeritus Professor in Volcanology and Geochemistry
Moreton Moore Emeritus Professor and Honorary Fellow
Norman Oxtoby Honorary Research Associate
Ted Rose Honorary Research Fellow
Graeme Simpson Visiting Professor in Earthsciences
Andrew Scott Emeritus Professor in Palaeobotany, coal geology
Inga Sevastjanova Honorary Research Associate
Nathan Sheldon Honorary Research Fellow
Mike Simmons Visiting Professor of Petroleum Geology
Emma Tomlinson Honorary Research Associate
Leigh Truelove Visiting Lecturer in Petroleum Geology
Sergei Turenko Visiting Professor of Geology & Geoinformatics
John Wright Honorary Fellow
Bernie Vining Visiting Professor in Petroleum Geology
Yigang Xu Visiting Professor in Earthsciences
Sirwan Yamulki Honorary Research Fellow




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