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Sabrina Leung

Studied: Criminology and Sociology

Graduated: 2011

Place of Work: Chinese University of Hong Kong

Position: Juris Doctoral Candidate

What were the best parts of your degree?

The best part of my degree at Royal Holloway is when I was assured I had the most supportive teaching body that were always there when I faced any sort of difficulties. Their door is always open for those who are willing to learn and their unequivocal encouragement to me has been invaluable. Not only have they inspired me to be meticulous when conducting research but also open minded about new ideas, they have also stimulated our thirst for knowledge in wanting to learn and find out more. The teaching staff has acted as a compass that guided me constantly during the three-year expedition at Royal Holloway and I shall forever be indebted to them as they have motivated me to a new perception of learning and have given me the courage to pursue my dreams.

Tell us about your experience as a student.

In my second year I was elected Vice President of the Hong Kong Chinese Society. I had been participating since my first year, but this was an opportunity to lead the society. The society revolved around linking students together so that nobody gets left out, and making sure that groups interact with each other so they do not become too insular: it was kind of like compulsory socialising. We also put on a number of events, including a variety show that was linked to dramatic forms in the Hong Kong cultural style. I was working with an excellent team; in the year I was VP we held successful fundraisers, surpassing the previous amount raised. Leading a society gave me great skills such as time management, dedication and passion. I was also a Co-Chair Lady for the overseas student campaign Just Love, which is linked with UNICEF. It was really hectic, but I was not as involved in my final year as I wanted to focus on my studies.

What is your favourite memory of Royal Holloway?

For me it would from my final year. Bedford Library was open 24/7 during the examination period. I would take a pillow; spend the whole night studying before watching the sun rise in the early morning. It really felt like you were going somewhere, that you were making a solid effort to better yourself, so the atmosphere there was very motivational. The library has excellent facilities and offers great spiritual support.

What skills have you learnt from your degree?

Reading Criminology and Sociology at Royal Holloway helped me develop substantial skills vital for studying law. Criminology has given me a sound understanding of the criminal justice system and a critical approach to the theories behind its construction. Through Sociology and Social Policy, which ties in greatly with everyday life, I have been able to better understand real world situations. Forensic Psychology has equipped me with specific jargon so as to understand psychiatric and autopsy reports in criminal trials. Through Criminal Law, it has given me a head start in understanding how the elements of law work when put into practice during the analysis of each case study. Furthermore, it has trained me to reason analytically and evaluate the evidence in order to present a well-formed argument with supporting authorities. Thus, my degree has equipped and honed the necessary skills I need so to thrive as a lawyer and I believe that I am well prepared for the challenging Juris Doctoral course ahead.

What is the best thing about Royal Holloway?

It is the place that let me dream big. In my first year, I remember feeling scared but I talked to Professor David Denney [Head of Department] and he encouraged me to do a lot of things. I was worried, for example, that I would not be able to apply to Cambridge with a degree from Royal Holloway, to which he said ‘Why don’t you just try’; now, here I am finishing my Masters degree at Cambridge. Royal Holloway has a very supportive environment; everyone there is so driven and clear about what they want to do, so they achieve high. And that’s as much to do with personal growth as academic success.


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