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Computer Science Computer Documentation

This area of the web site contains documentation for departmental computing facilities and details on how to get help if you are experiencing a problem with any of our services.

Nowadays there are all kinds of ways of getting help with computers: get into the habit of exploring these avenues before asking for help. Do not disturb support staff, lecturers or postgraduates in their offices other than by appointment or as detailed here.

Linux man pages

Most Linux commands are documented with the man command. Use xman for a graphical interface to it.

Departmental online resources

The other tabs above contain various things to help you, including a Unix handbook (Linux is closely-related to Unix).

External online resources

A wealth of information exists on the World Wide Web to assist you in solving computer problems and you can often find solutions to your problem easily using Google, Bing or your other search engine of choice.

Getting help from the Support team

This section comes last because we encourage you to try and solve problems yourself before asking for help. If you explore news groups and online forums you may come across the acronym RTFM which means (approximately) Read The Fine Manual. The Support team will never use this as an answer to a question, but we do sometimes think it!

Details of how to contact the Support Team can be found here

Miscellaneous Support Information

Some locally-installed packages come with their own documentation in hypertext format.

Java Versions

  • 1.7.0 OpenJDK is the default on Teaching. This version does not support JavaFX or 1.8.0 features such as lambda expressions. If you require these, type javafx at the command prompt to gain access to a newer version. This change applies only to the terminal window where the command is typed.

Web Documentation

Windows Documentation


Campus IT

Support for computers and services outside the Department can be found in the IT Services web pages. This is where you should go if you need help using e-mail or with connecting a laptop.



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