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Computer Science Computer Applications

This page lists some of the application software available on ourcomputer services. It is a long way from being comprehensive, butattempts to highlight the software most relevant in our environment. Further information can usually be found in man pages or the application's help facility.

Our Linux servers Aspasia and Zeno contain most ofthe applications provided by the SUSE distribution. If you need one which is missing then ask the Support team and normally they will be able to install itwithout any fuss.

Text processing

  • Latex - Essential tool for writing papers and other structured documents. Commands latex and pdflatex.
  • Lyx - User friendly WYSIWYW graphical front-end to Latex
  • Kile - Alternative front-end to Latex. Non-WYSIWYG
  • mswin - (Staff & research postgrads only) Gateway to Microsoft Office
  • LibreOffice (formally known as OpenOffice) - Free equivalent of Microsoft Office.
    Start using command  libreoffice or OOo
  • scribus - Desktop publishing application useful for creating newspapers, brochures, newsletters and posters
  • antiword - Quick program to display text from MS Word documents
  • evince - Viewer of PDF and postscript files


Matlab and Mathematica are two commercial package available on our servers, and are very popular. Scilab is an alternative which has the advantage of being free for academic use.

Program development

Many programming languages are available, for example C++, Java, Perl, Python, Ruby, Fortran and many more. Of particular interest are:
  • gcc - The Gnu C compiler
  • Java - Java Developers Kit
  • ddd - Graphical debugger
  • BlueJ - Integrated java environment for teaching
  • eclipse - Industrial strength development environment for Java and other languages
  • Mono - Open source implementation of Microsoft's .NET software
  • umbrello - UML diagram application


Alpine (formerly known as pine) is the supported e-mail client and includes local address books. Non-graphical so very fast and can be used from terminal logins. 


  • ImageMagick - Command line utilities to view, create, edit, or convert images. The commands display and convert are the most useful.
  • gimp - GNU Image Manipulation Program is a raster graphics editor used to process digital graphics and photographs. Similar functionality to Adobe Photoshop.
  • inkscape - Inkscape is a powerful vector graphics editor application.


  • emacs - Shows its age but very powerful
  • nedit - More accessible Windows-style editor with good features for programmers
  • kate - Good features for programmers

Anti-virus software

The Clam AntiVirus package is available and is run using the clamscan command. Alternatively asingle file can be scanned using the vscan command.


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