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What our students say

We pride ourselves on the satisfaction of our students, consistently receiving high scores from them, particularly for our teaching quality, intellectually-stimulating programmes and quality of feedback on submitted work.

(National Student Survey, 2014)

Student view

student view

Rose talks about the opportunities she has had and the skills she has learnt from studying Classics

The Classical Society

classics society

The student-run Classical Society is a fun and rewarding experience. Hear what some of our students say about their participation

Vicky Read, BA Classical Studies

“There's always one university where you feel most at home, and for me it was Royal Holloway. It’s rare to find such a respected university with such a comfortable atmosphere, and the Classics Department is a perfect example. The staff are enthusiastic authorities in their fields and also easy to approach. Coming to an interview seemed scary, but it's actually very relaxed, and for me was much better than simply depending on a personal statement  to express why I would be a good candidate. One important reason why I chose to study Classics at Royal Holloway was that you don’t need to be an expert before you begin. I'd never studied the subject before, but the courses are tailored to all levels of experience,  which made my introduction to university life much easier. “ 


Anna-Catharina Mettenheimer, BA Ancient History (2009-12)       “My time at Royal Holloway was thoroughly enjoyable. The structure of the classes is designed to make the change from A-Level to university study as easy as possible, with a well-planned amount of reading, challenging but never overloading. Essays gently ease you into the idea of a dissertation. The range of classes on offer is great as the department staff are evenly and well spread. Greece, Ancient Greek, Rome and its Empire, Latin, politics, religion, late antiquity, literature, gender studies, and even ancient economics are all available to choose from. I focused mainly on Roman literature, art, and economics; as well as Greek law, religion, and archaeology, with my favourite class being Gender in Antiquity."


Sam O'Brien, BA Classics

"I've been studying at Royal Holloway for just over a month now and the support that I have had from the Department has made me feel welcome and  helped me to slot in immediately. I must admit that I was nervous about coming to university and being away from home for the first time, but the help that the Department has given to me has really made me feel at home and hence I have had no problems with settling in to university. So, if you are very nervous about coming here, there is no need to worry because the department will help you fit in with consummate ease.” 

Athina Whomes, BA English & Classical Studies

"I'm a joint honours English and Classical Studies student, currently taking Latin and ancient philosophy. Both subjects are exciting and intellectually inspiring, but above all else, enjoyable. Latin gives me the opportunity to be able to indulge in a language that is the very foundation of so many others, as well as allowing me to be challenged by its grammatical and syntactical complexity. I thoroughly enjoy being part of such a well-rounded Department - which gives people the opportunity to study not only Latin, but also ancient history, history of art, archaeology, rhetoric, social studies, as well as so many other topics - and would highly recommend it to anyone."

Andrew Kennan, BA Ancient History

"I'm currently a second year Ancient History student and my experience of the Royal Holloway Classics Department has been fantastic. The close-knit community offers a very personal experience where I have found myself well supported. The variety of different modules offered provides a great range of areas to study, ensuring I am always kept interested. I have found the standard of teaching to be particularly good. All the lecturers show a great depth of knowledge and enthusiasm, which has inspired me to explore new aspects of ancient history and entertain the idea of further studies. I am thoroughly looking forward to my third year." 

Emma Corbally, BA Ancient History (2009-12) 

"Starting my degree at the age of 23, I was both apprehensive about returning to education and unsure of how much I would benefit from the experience. The last few years exceeded all my expectations. My writing and analytical skills have been highly developed and I use them not only on university material, but also in all areas of my life.

"The departmental teaching is fantastic. The academics are inspirational and dedicated to ensuring the understanding, development and enjoyment of their students; their enthusiasm is highly infectious and we have many enjoyable and spirited debates.

"Ancient history is a fascinating field of study and this course not only explores its complex history, language, art and literature but provides solid skills of analysis, debate, organisation and communication. The skills, mental stimulation and encouragement that I have received on this course have transformed my approach to life and when I leave Royal Holloway in the summer I will be looking on to a far more challenging and exciting career than I had initially anticipated."

Georgina Hallett, BA Classical Studies (2009-12)

"My experience with the Department of Classics at Royal Holloway was better than I had ever expected. From my first day the staff were incredibly supportive and encouraged me to pursue certain academic paths. However, the courses that the Department offer are fantastic, in fact they are what attracted me to the University in the first place and they have not let me down. I have been able to study the most fascinating subjects with some of the most enthusiastic, vibrant and passionate lecturers. They have passed their passion onto me and I intend to use that to achieve further things in my career and academic studies.

"The administrative staff have also been extremely helpful. Their willingness to help you in any situation and with any problem, query or email sent hours before a deadline during a last minute panic has made my studies so much easier and more relaxed.

"This Department is in my opinion one of the best in the University, my experience here has been first rate and I will always recommend it to other prospective students."

Grace Stafford, BA Classical Studies (2009-12)

"My time at Royal Holloway was the most enjoyable three years of my life. There is the opportunity to delve into so many disciplines, from languages to archaeology, that it is impossible to get bored! The course was academically challenging, but I always felt supported and guided wherever I needed it, and therefore found it possible to achieve academically while continuing to fence at an international level. I went on to Cambridge University to study Biological Anthropology (MPhil Human Evolutionary Studies), proving that a Classics degree can take you just about anywhere!"

Kaitlin West, BA Classical Studies (2009-12)

"I immensely enjoyed my three years studying classics at Royal Holloway. I met a lot of brilliant people, many of whom I've stayed in contact with afterwards.

"The Classics Department has also been great. The lecturers were always happy to help and, as I had some of my lecturers for all three years, I was very sad to leave them. I was happy with the wide range of course choices they offered and the courses I chose I thoroughly enjoyed. Thank you for such a great three years, it's been awesome!"




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