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Overall strategy of the work plan and methodologies to be used

PROCAR will use a proven industrial format that creates a generic pipeline from discovery to translation as displayed in the below image. The project work plan can be divided into defined work packages (WP) 1 to 5. Each WP relates to specific project objectives that will be achieved through defined tasks, and verified by deliverables and milestones. A specific WP (WP1) has been dedicated to coordination, management, dissemination, outreach and training. WP2 to 4 are experimental-based work packages taking discovery to application/translation. The final WP5 is dedicated to Economic feasibility, marketability, exploitation and valorisation.

Work packages

  1.  Management, dissemination, training and outreach. 

  2. The creation of a genome-scale metabolic network reconstruction (GSMR) of Xanthophyllomyces for improved carotenoid production. 

  3. The development of new Xanthophyllomyces strains producing high levels of zeaxanthin andphytoene. 

  4. Development of sustainable production processes and greener bioprocessing systems.

  5. Assess the technical and economic feasibility of Xanthophyllomyces for phytoene and zeaxanthin production. 

Scheme of the PROCAR work plan

work packages


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