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Making a difference

Our current fundraising activity, including the Alumni Fund|, aligns with our five year campaign, The Curiosity Project|. This campaign is an ambitious part of our strategic plan to build on Royal Holloway and Bedford New College’s strengths as a centre for pioneering research and a place where individuals and individuality thrive.

You could also give to Student Opportunities to support scholarships and internships, so that all students have the opportunity to experience a world-class education, regardless of financial means, or to Greatest Needs, a fund which allows the College to respond flexibly to key areas of priority.


Make a single gift to the College.


Buy your own brick.


Donate through our foundation.


Make a regular gift to the College.


Buy your own brick in instalments.


Use this postal form or call us on +44 (0)1784 414478.


Roll of Donors and giving groups

The College would like to thank you in advance for your gift. As a donor, you will be included in our annual Roll of Donors in Higher magazine and will also be included in the relevant giving group (unless you prefer to not be included and to give anonymously, in which case, please indicate this on the donation form).

Giving level
Giving groups
£1 to £999
Friend of the College  
Recognition in Roll of Donors.
£1,000 to £4,999 Founder As above, plus a pin badge and tickets to a special College event.
£5,000 to £9,999  Bright Spark As above, plus a College tie, and two tickets to a concert or black tie College event.
£10,000 to £49,000 Firedrake As above, plus your name on our donor board in Founders’ Building Reception or Bedford Square.
£50,000 to £499,999 Trail Blazer
As above, plus a private bespoke dinner in the observatory.
£500,000+  Curiosity Circle As above, plus an invitation to a discussion on the College’s strategic plan for the year over a private supper with the Principal. Curiosity Circle members enjoy the same rights and privileges as Honorary Fellows.

Groups up to £5,000 can be reached by multiple gifts over a single academic year.
Groups of more than £5,000 can be reached by multiple gifts over three consecutive academic years.

Thank you for your support.


Bedford Library

Who benefits?

Donations enhance the work and standing of the College, ensuring deserving students have the chance to study at RHBNC, enhancing our facilities and estates and supporting our innovative research. Click here| to find out how gifts are making a difference in some of these areas.


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