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Our research impact

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Our research impact

The impact of Music’s research focuses on three broad areas:

Social action and inclusion in the arts, with beneficiaries including venues, educators, practitioners, policy makers, and amateur participants. Geoff Baker’s critical perspectives on social action through music have shaped public debates about El Sistema and educational programmes modelled on it. Rachel Beckles Willson’s research has shaped new participatory arts practices with disadvantaged populations, contributing to the social integration of under-age migrants. Shzr Ee Tan’s work on decolonisation is contributing to efforts to address structural inequalities in music education and the music industry.

New approaches to curating and conceptualising cultural heritage, with beneficiaries including archives, libraries, museums, and legislators of heritage law. Henry Stobart’s research is challenging how musicians and legislators conceptualise indigenous and intangible heritages. Stephen Rose’s project on big data has shown new ways in which music libraries can use their catalogue records to enhance access to their collections. Our collaborative PhD students at the British Library and the Foundling Museum have curated exhibitions and contributed to discovery systems for these institutions’ holdings.

Enhancing the cultural experiences of arts audiences and professionals through our research on repertories and their contexts, with beneficiaries including cultural organisations, professional performers, and audience members. Mark BerryStephen DownesJulian Johnson and Stephen Rose work closely with venues and ensembles to influence programming, supply editions of newly discovered music, and enhance the audiences’ experiences. Julie Brown’s research into silent film music in Britain has led to collaborations with film festivals and major film venues, including recreations of the music for 1920s silent films. 

We are developing new strands of impact from our research into digital creativity, with beneficiaries including the technology sector and designers of video games.


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