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Honorary award nomination form

Nominate an inspiring individual

Royal Holloway honorary award nomination

Our University has a reputation for strength in work on climate and biodiversity, AI and new technologies, the cultural and creative sectors, health and wellbeing, addressing inequalities and social justice. Nominations for exceptional people working in these areas would be welcomed.

Royal Holloway is a University of social purpose and we are particularly interested in nominations which highlight an individual’s curiosity for new ideas and approaches which will make a positive difference in the world. We will be looking for those who can demonstrate integrity and compassion alongside their outstanding achievements, and people who have worked inclusively and collaboratively with others to achieve their ambitions.

Nominee details

If retired or self employed, please state.

If retired or self-employed, please state.

Please include an email address for the nominee or their organisation.

Nomination supporting details

You may select both options, however only one award will be conferred upon a successful nomination. An honorary fellowship nominee must have a connection with the University (eg. as alumni, family, guardians or carers of former students, or active supporters of the University).

This includes the current University and the founding colleges, Bedford College and Royal Holloway College.

All honorary awardees will be linked to an appropriate academic school or department.

An honorary award nomination does not require prior approval, however it is beneficial for the relevant department or school to be aware, and supportive, of the nomination.

Nominator and seconder

Please choose the most relevant option if more than one is applicable.

The nominator will be the primary contact for any queries relating to the nomination.

Please ensure you have the permission of the seconder for their support of this nomination.

Please choose the most relevant option if more than one is applicable.