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Pupils from across the UK bring their passion for psychology to life

  • Date05 July 2017

On Friday 30 June Royal Holloway’s Department of Psychology hosted a creative competition for Year 12’s across the country, to share their passion for psychology and show what we can learn about our everyday lives through its study.

The poster and video competition attracted over 80 pupils from schools across the UK to compete. 23 teams attended the day, meeting fellow psychology students to explore, learn and debate their chosen subjects. Pupils from each presented their visions of how the study of psychology impacts our real lives using engaging and creative videos and posters.

Watch the winning entries

The standard of entries was very high. The winners were announced on the day - you can watch the winning entries below!

First Prize: KLB School - the psychology of marketing

Runner-up: Furze Platt Senior School – advertising

Audience favourite: Lymm High School – child language development 


Psych Winners

The winning team from KLB School celebrate


Local schools share their top tips - from excelling in interviews to standing up to bullying

Windsor Girls School presented on the subject of non-verbal communication and how the way we use body language can affect our prospects in job interviews. Paige Laidler explained, “First impressions are really important, and at our age we are starting to think about getting into university and jobs so learning about how to present ourselves has been really useful. Top tips are to keep good eye contact, be mindful of personal space and be mindful of your facial expressions!”

Charters School entered with a study of bullying – why bullies behave the way they do and how much family, society and past experiences build bullying characters. It also looked at the role of bystanders who don’t step in to stop bullying. Shah Moore, one of the team said, “It really relates to everyday lives, especially in schools. The project has made us see that bullies aren’t just bad people.” Tiara Gale also said that the project had taught them all to be more empathetic and that “bullies need love too!”

Learn more about studying psychology and how research in the area impacts our lives.

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