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SN2010 Intensive Spanish II

SN2010 Intensive Spanish II

Terms 1-2

Convenor: Teresa Velázquez

Assessment: Oral exam: 50% and written exam: 50%

In order to pass the core language unit, students must obtain an overall pass mark (average of the written and oral exam marks) and pass the final written examination.


This is a very intensive course with 4 hours per week of contact in each term, plus an extra hour of oral practice.

The first three hours are devoted to work on reading, writing and oral skills combining in situ exercises with homework revision that students will have prepared for the day (usually a journalistic text). The forth hour is reserved for the speaking and listening comprehension exercises. There is a compulsory grammar lecture every fortnight where tenses and grammatical structures are revised.

The course follows a weekly outline provided through Moodle. There is a weekly description of the weekly lesson content as well as material prepared and designed by the tutor such as notes, worksheets, texts, audio-visual material.

Classes are arranged flexibly, moving between formal exposition and written work, to communicative work in pairs and small groups. Spanish is used as much as possible in the classroom. Multimedia backup is recommended for students’ use in their own time. Regular written work is set for homework.

By the end of this course, students should be able to demonstrate good lexical and grammatical competence in the four skills of speaking, listening, reading, and writing in Spanish, understand and communicate effectively in Spanish across a complete range of tenses and participate competently in conversation using the target language with a native speaker.

Course books:

  1. Upgrade your Spanish, Lee Six, Abigail,  (London: Hodder Arnold, 2001) ISBN978-0-340-76186-1(A useful tool to brush up common mistakes)
  2. Spanish Grammar Drills, Rogelio Alonso Vallecillos. McGraw-Hill Contemporary, (2012).

ISBN-10: 0071789472 | ISBN-13: 978-0071789479 (also available in KINDLE)

  1. Spanish Verb Tenses, D. Richmond, Mc Graw Hill. ISBN:
  2. Spanish Vocabulary, D. Richmond, latest edition, Mc Graw Hill
  3. Spanish Pronouns and Prepositions. SERIES: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Richmond D. Publisher: McGraw Hill. ISBN: 0-8442-7311-2
  4. Spanish Sentence Builder. SERIES: PRACTICE MAKES PERFECT. Nissenberg, Gilda. Publisher: McGraw Hill. ISBN: 978-0-07-160039-2
  5. A medium sized Spanish-English dictionary, either Collins or Oxford



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