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20140124HollowayOverviewPure is Royal Holloway's research information system. To access Pure, please visit:


Pure provides a single location for you to store information about your research, such as your publications, collaborations, research projects and grants etc and the associations between them. Having been entered into Pure once, data can be used for a variety of purposes, including automatic population of personal and research group web pages and creating CVs and bibliographies. Pure is designed to make it as easy as possible to keep information about your own research up-to-date, providing ongoing visibility of research activities at the College.

Upgrades to Pure 

Upgrades to Pure are released three times a year. Over the summer, Research & Enterprise staff have been working closely with colleagues in IT and the Library on some major upgrades as well as a new Awards Management Module - you will receive detailed information on this in September. 

Pure Policy

In May 2011 the College Research Committee approved the policy on the population and maintenance of the Pure research information system. This document lays out the key principles of its organisation and usage as well as explaining the roles and responsibilities for the population and maintenance of data within Pure, including the crucial part played by individual members of academic staff. More details and the document itself can be found in the Pure Policy section|

Pure Awards Management Module

During the Autumn term of 2014/15 the new Awards Management Module (AMM) will be implemented. AMM will have two specific functions, firstly it will be the repository for storing all research grant application data and secondly it will host an online internal approvals process.

PIs will be requested  to add details of all new grant applications directly to Pure, in much the same manner as publications or other outputs are currently entered. The internal approvals process will also be conducted via Pure. Guidance| on how to do this is available in PowerPoint  format or please contact your relevant Research Support  Officer| in R&E for one to one guidance.

Pure and REF2020

Pure was used to prepare and return Royal Holloway's submission to the Research Excellence Framework 2014| and it will be used to collect and analyse information for REF 2020. It is essential therefore that you continue to keep your Pure profile updated. Information and guidance on the REF2020 Open Access requirements is currently being finalised and will made available to staff in September 2014.  

Pure and RCUK Research Outcomes System

Until recently, information in Pure was used to update RCUK's Research Outcomes System (ROS) through a central bulk upload from Pure to ROS. The advantage to our staff was that this upload from Pure to ROS removed the need for our staff to enter the same or similar information twice, once in Pure and then in ROS. However, through its "Research Outcomes Harmonisation Project"|, the collection of outcomes information will no longer be collected through ROS but through a system called Researchfish|.   Unfortunately Researchfish does not have the capability of handling bulk uploads from very widely used research information systems such as Pure or Symplectic. We are currently working with RCUK to establish procedures and we will provide further details towards the end of August 2014. Whatever new procedures are put into place with Researchfish, it is essential that information in Pure is kept up-to-date and links made between outputs and projects|.   

Pure, Open Access and our Institutional Repository

Pure is also the main interface with the College's Institutional Repository. You can submit material into the Repository through Pure and in line with the College's commitment to Open Access|, this will enable research outputs be made freely accessible in the public domain.

Pure and the College website

The Pure web portal operates alongside the main College website and has been “skinned” to appear identical to the main website. Departments can decide how Pure integrates with their Contensis generated websites.

Current status

Pure was launched at Royal Holloway in September 2010. As of August 2014, it contains information on over 22,000 research outputs from 762 staff, along within details of over 1,800 research projects. It also lists details of over 1,100 current research students.

Tony Greenwood
Director, Research and Enterprise
August 2014


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Contact details 


For general Pure support queries please e-mail purerhul.ac.uk|.

For queries relating to publications in Pure please contact Dace Rozenberga| (01784 443398).



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