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Volunteers needed for multisensory museum project

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Volunteers needed for multisensory museum project

  • Date06 July 2018

Volunteers are being called by Royal Holloway, University of London, to take part in a project which will explore new possibilities for multisensory experiences in museums and galleries – and all participants will receive a £10 Amazon voucher.

Man Proposes, God Disposes (1)

Man Proposes, God Disposes

Everyone is welcome to come along and experience a multisensory exhibition of the infamous ‘Man Proposes, God Disposes’ at the university’s Picture Gallery on Campus in Egham on July 20 or July 23.

The study will take approximately 20 minutes and involves a quick questionnaire. Volunteers will be given different ways of ‘seeing’ the picture and then give their feedback on how they found the experience and whether it enhanced their visit.

The Picture Gallery will be open to volunteers from 10am to 4pm, with tea, coffee and biscuits provided.

Anyone wishing to come along and take part in the multisensory experiences must sign up to get a time slot. To book a slot or for more information, please contact email Ella Turner or Stephen Pearce.

Audio description for people with visual impairments has existed for television, film and theatre for several decades. However, it is still unusual to find it in all but the largest national museums and gallery settings in the UK.

Academics at Royal Holloway want to change this.

Dr Hannah Platts, Lecturer in Ancient History and Material Culture at Royal Holloway, said: “Whilst an increase in audio description is undoubtedly crucial, there remains enormous potential for capitalising on the many other senses beyond vision and hearing.

“During the two days with volunteers, we will look at the provision of a wide variety of sensory experiences, including sound, smell and touch, to explore how multisensory exhibits can enrich the experience and learning of all museum and gallery visitors.

“We’re looking forward to seeing many people there.”

There is also a survey for people to complete without having to visit the two-day volunteering project, and anyone who fills in the survey will be entered into an online draw for one of 20 £25 Amazon vouchers. 

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