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Royal Holloway showcase interdisciplinary exhibition at Tate Modern

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Royal Holloway showcase interdisciplinary exhibition at Tate Modern

  • Date15 May 2019

Royal Holloway, University of London is collaborating with the Tate Modern, to showcase the creative power of physical and political movement.

Making Moves

From 16-18 May at the Tate Modern in London, staff and students from the departments of Drama, Theatre and Dance, Geography, Modern Languages, Music, and Electronic Engineering will be exploring sound, dance and experimental art making over the course of three days.

The project, called Making Moves: Three Positions, explores different way in which humans move through spaces using their mind, body and voice.

With a specific focus on sound, Royal Holloway’s Department of Electronic Engineering will be showcasing their work on the human voice and how interactions between people and vocalising as a group can change and manipulate it.  

Using acrylic tube models of the vocal tract, the team will work to deliver hands-on demonstrations to explore movements in voice production and explain how voices work.   

A choir, led by Professor David Howard, Head of the Department of Electronic Engineering at Royal Holloway will also perform in the Tanks at the Tate Modern, where listeners will be able to appreciate the acoustics of the space.

Professor Howard, said: “We’re really excited to be part of this interdisciplinary exhibition, and really shows how the arts and sciences can work together to produce truly beautiful and thought provoking projects.

“Voice plays such a huge part in self-expression and communication, and we’re really keen to show people how exactly this works.”

Making Moves: Three Positions is a free exhibition and will be hosted at The Tate Exchange from 16-18 May, 12pm-6pm.

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