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Centre membership includes staff, doctoral students and Honorary Research Associates from departments across Royal Holloway University of London, as well as a series of affiliate members who lead GeoHumanities work around the world within and beyond academia.


Harriet Hawkins – Geography

Harriet is interested in the geographies of art works and art worlds. She works with artists to imagine and bring about new social-ecological futures.

Veronica della Dora - Geography

Veronica’s research spans historical and cultural geography, the history of cartography and Byzantine studies with a specific focus on sacred space and the geographical imagination.


Tim Cresswell - Trinity College, USA

Tim is Dean of the Faculty and VIce President for Academic Affairs, Professor of American Studies, Trinity College, Hartford, CT, USA. Hel is completing a book about the Maxwell Street Market in Chicago and a collection of poems based on the British ballads collected by Francis Child.

Stephen Daniels- University of Nottingham

My interests are interdisciplinary in scope, with a home in geography as a long established and fertile field of knowledge, imagination, practice and public engagement. My own work, in collaborations with art historians, has addressed the making and meaning of landscape, focussing on questions of imagery and design.

Sarah De Leeuw-  Northern Medical Program, UNBC

Poet and creative non-fiction author Sarah de Leeuw has a PhD in Cultural-Historical Geography; her work as an activist, scholar, and writer focuses on marginalized northern and Indigenous geographies, health and social inequities, and colonial violence.

Deborah Dixon- University of Glasgow

Deborah’s work is animated by an interest in the ideas, ethics, and politics of both post structural and feminist frameworks, and is grounded via an examination of the monstrous, media and the marginal often through concerns with aesthetics and creative collaborative working practices.

Chris Gibson- University of Wollongong Australia

Chris is the Director of the UoW's Global Challenges Programme. Opening up empirical and theoretical possibilities across the culture-economy divide is his central intellectual agenda. He is interested in how forms of material cultural production are embedded geographically, performed as work, and enabled technically, in networks of social and economic agents, in places and across physical distances.

Christoph Lindner-  Dean and Professor, Architecture and Allied Arts, University of Oregon

Christoph is interested in the Urban Humanities and is an interdisciplinary urban and cultural theorist whose work focuses on the interrelations between cities, globalization, and visual culture.

Tania Rossetto - University of Padova, Italy

Tania is a cultural geographer with a specific interest in visual and cartographic theories and practices. Through a humanistic approach, she researches the life of maps and images in physical and imaginary spaces, with particular reference to the urban realm.


Peter Adey - Geography

Peter’s work explores spaces of security and mobility. Recent interests include verticality and the aerial, the materiality of air and the politics of evacuation.

Richard Alston - Classics

Richard Alston’s interests focus on Roman urbanism, urban cultures, and social and cultural transformations. He also works on ideas of the Classical in the modern city.

Sarah Ansari - History

Sarah's research interests include spatial approaches towards South Asia’s recent history, exploring how modes of citizenship rights worked across a particular set of national boundaries or spaces.

Geoff Baker - Music

Geoff’s research explores the relationship between music and the city, above all in Latin America, in both the colonial period and the present day.

Daniela Berghahn - Media Arts

Daniela is interested in migrant and diaspora cinema, especially in relation to European identities; new forms of exoticism in contemporary cinema in relation to destination tourism.

Dr Barbara Brayshay – Geography
Barbara has an academic background in Environmental Science and Bioarchaeology. Her current research interests focus on participatory action research and community engagement. Her interest in the use of participatory mapping as a tool for social change and creative forms of community campaigning is reflected in her role as a Director of LivingMaps Network.
Dr Toby Butler – Geography
Toby has devised collaborative place-based oral history projects in India, the USA, Wales and England. He has directed BA and MA programmes, created oral history trails with the Museum of London, London parks and local authorities and recently undertook 57 interviews with museum founders for the Mapping Museums project.

Caroline Cornish - Geography

Caroline is an Hononrary Research Associate at Royal Holloway and Royal Botanic Gardens Kew. Her research applies an object-focused approach to her research into the histories and geographies of museums and their collections, and the production of scientific knowledge.

Emma Cox - Drama & Theatre

Emma is interested in migration, refugee-responsive theatre, indigenous performance and site-responsive remembrance, postcolonial museology and performance histories linked to human remains.

Ruth Cruickshank -  Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Ruth has research interests in food culture, consumption, globalization and post-war French fiction, film and thought. She is a founder member of the Global Cities and Visual Culture network.

Paris Chronakis - Department of History

Paris Chronakis is interested in urban spaces and urban identities in the imperial and post-imperial Eastern Mediterranean and on the entangled place-making practices of refugees and minorities in Modern Greece.


Phil Crang - Geography

Philip's interests are in the material cultures of place and mobility.

Fabrizio De Donno - Modern Languages, Literatures and Cultures

Fabrizio is interested in the cultural history of Italian orientalism and colonialism, as well as in the contemporary literature and film on the Horn of Africa.

Dr Thomas Dekeyser

Thomas now returned as a British Academy Post-Doctoral Fellow in the Centre for the GeoHumanities. My broader interests are digital infrastructures, advertising power, cities, and social theory (specifically, theories of pessimism and nihilism); and my PhD was an ethnography with subvertisers, those illegally intervening into urban ad spaces (e.g. graffiti scribbles, advertising takeovers, etc.).

Klaus Dodds - Geography

Klaus works on the imaginative and material geographies of the Polar Regions. He has published widely and worked in an official capacity for UK government and Parliament. He also writes on cinematic geopolitics.

Felix Driver - Geography

Felix Driver is an historical geographer working on the cultural history of museum collections, visual cultures of exploration, and popular geographies in print and film.

Gwilym Eades - Geography

Gwilym is interested in mappings and their politics, indigeneity and the use of GIS in interpretive scholarship.

Sasha Engelmann- Geography

Sasha explores creative experiments with atmosphere, the elemental, and the limits of sensing. Over the past two years she carried out site-based ethnography and collaboration with Studio Tomás Saraceno in Berlin. In a new book manuscript she is developing a notion of cosmological aesthetics: an aesthetics expressed in ecologies of practice that reach for distant, cosmic and imperceptible entities and spaces.

Yoav Galai - PIR

Yoav is a former photojournalist and NGO project manager and current lecturer in Global Political Communication. His research focuses on narrative politics and visual politics

Simone Gigliotti- History and the Holocaust Research Centre

Simone is interested in experiences of displacement during and after the Holocaust. She uses historical, geographical and visual sources to reconstruct embodied cartographies of survival.

David Gilbert - Geography

David’s interests are focused on the histories and cultures of big cities, particularly modern London. Recent work has examined the fashion industry and suburban religious identities.

Helen Gilbert - Drama and Theatre

Helen is interested in the theatre and performance of marginalised cultures, new materialism, indigeneity, site-specific arts and activism, and contemporary performance in the Anth.

Sophie Gilmartin - English

Sophie's work focuses on 19th Century Literature, most recently questions of women writing at sea and navigation. Past work includes the place of geography in 19th education, and the micro-geograhies of the body in the Victorian novel.

Robert Hampson - English

Robert is interested in Joseph Conrad; literature and empire; place and space; cosmopolitanism, nationalism and transnationalism; practice-based research.

Michael Holden, Geography

Michael's research explores the intersections of narrative, cartography, and memory, particularly in literature. He is currently working on the Music, Migration, and Mobility project at RHUL, having recently completed his PhD in Holocaust studies at the University of York.


William Jamieson, Department of Geography

William is interested in the integration of political geography and literary theory through critical creative writing practices, examining how capital reads and writes space.


Julian Johnson- Music

Julian's interests include the history and philosophy of music, and he works on music, aesthetics, nature and environment.