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Jean Monnet Chair - Activities

Jean Monnet Chair - Activities

Giacomo Benedetto

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Activities coordinated:

Event Dates
European Elections Debate 8 May 2019
Brexitland: a country divided? How race, nationalism and immigration shape British politics 27 Mar 2019
Brexit: Why the Irish border matters – security, politics and economics. A round table discussion with two experts in Irish politics 20 Mar 2019
Brexit and the Conservative Party. A discussion with Brendan Donnelly 13 Mar 2019
Brexit: How we got to where we are. A round table discussion with two experts from the UK in a Changing Europe network  26 Feb 2019
RHUL Jean Monnet Study trip to Brussels 19-21 Feb 2019
Brexit: What happens now? Round table discussion 22 Jan 2019
Brexit event for students from Louisiana State University, 2018 5 Jun 2018
Politics in Action Event (European Union) 2018 23 May 2018
Bruegel event: EU budget post-2020 - the next MFF 16 May 2018
Third EUROSCI Network Meeting 9 Apr 2018
Brexit Talk 4: Agriculture and Food 6 Mar 2018
Brexit Talk 3: Trade, Deal or No Deal? 6 Feb 2018
Brexit Talk 2: Immigration, Residence and Brexit 30 Jan 2018
Brexit Talk 1: Sovereignty and the European Court of Justice 23 Jan 2018
Teachers' Day on the European Union 25 Nov 2017
Event for 6th form students at taster day, Royal Holloway 13 Jun 2017
Brexit event for students from Louisiana State University, 2017 6 Jun 2017
European Union training day for school teachers 31 May 2017
Politics in Action Event (European Union) 2017 22 Mar 2017
Inaugural Jean Monnet public lecture: £350 million per week and why Europe needs a budget 6 Dec 2016
Deliverable Dates
New website for the EUROSCI Network Centre in the UK 19 Apr 2017
New EUROSCI website at Royal Holloway, University of London 26 Mar 2017
How the EU Budget Has Developed and Changed in the Last 10 years 15 Feb 2017
News Dates
Poradca Montiho skupiny: Reforma európskeho rozpočtu ušetrí štátom peniaze 25 Jan 2017

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