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CPTRG - Events


28 September 2018 - Deleuzes's Nietzsche on 'becoming what one is' (Senate House)

Past events

15-16 June 2016 - German idealism and Early 20th Century French Philosophy

12 November 2015 - Hate Seech Law and Political Philosophy (Senate House)

20 July 2015 - A Thousand Plateaus and Philosophy (Insitut Francais)

10 June 2015 - Aspects of the Political: What is the relevance of Theology and Anthropology, of God and the human, for contemporary political philosophy? (Senate House)

28-29 May 2015 - Workshop on Religious Accommodation: from theory to practice

16 July 2014 - Politics of Divination: Neoliberal Endgame and the Religion of Contingency (Senate House)

27-28 June 2014 - The London Conference in Critical Thought (Goldsmiths College)

6-7 June 2013 - The London Conference in Critical Thought

26 May 2011 - Time, Politics and Becoming: A One-Day Conference on William E. Connolly's A World of Becoming

18 November 2010 - Reading Group and Roundtable Discussion on Parrhesia and Satyagraha: Gandhi and the Late Foucault

12 November 2010 - The Margins of Citizenship One-Day Conference

6 October 2010 - Afternoon Reading Group and Evening Seminar: Dr. Charlotte Epstein, University of Sydney

4 June 2010 - William Connolly Evening Seminar on "Complexity, Agency, and Time"

12 May 2010 - Jane Bennett Evening Seminar on "Michel Serres, A Topography of Becoming, and the Practice of History"


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