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Studying Philosophy

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Studying Philosophy

Why study Philosophy at Royal Holloway?

Our world is increasingly one of serious disagreements about the aims and values that should inform human life. Philosophical reflection has consequently become more and more essential to the assessment of human culture.

The study of philosophy has a reputation for being esoteric and disconnected from everyday life. In fact it offers a form of rigorous critical inquiry into fundamental questions that cash themselves out in our understandings of politics and ethics, art and culture, our relationship to our past and future, and our connection to the natural world. This is why philosophical questioning is so important today, and why philosophy can equip you with the critical skills and reflective insights needed to live well.

Philosophy at Royal Holloway is a truly interdisciplinary and collaborative venture, with both contributing academic staff and students coming from subject areas across the College. We offer a warm and supportive environment in one of the United Kingdom’s top research institutions, and a beautiful campus environment in close proximity to London.

At Royal Holloway you will:

  • join a programme that is aware that work in philosophy which remains within either just the analytical tradition or just the European tradition may soon be outmoded.
  • explore the key issues, thinkers and texts most likely to determine the future development of philosophy.
  • be taught by academics who are internationally-recognised authorities in their research areas and have published major books on key philosophical topics.
  • have the opportunity to do further research and, if you choose an academic career in philosophy, be able to apply for jobs in a greater variety of departments than if you had only studied either analytic or European philosophy.

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