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Information Security Group (ISG) Open Day

  • Date31 May 2018

The Information Security Group (ISG) at Royal Holloway opened its doors for the group's second ISG Open Day, designed for anyone with an interest in cyber security to come along and learn more about the ISG and what we do.

On Tuesday 26 June 2018, 9am to 5pm, we showcased many different aspects of information security, the achievements and widely recognised contributions of the ISG, as well as current opportunities for cyber security training and research. 

The field of Information Security has grown up very rapidly in recent years, and how we handle electronic information is one of the big technological questions of our age. We explored key issues, from security management and contactless transactions, to cyber crime and detecting ransomware.

We had a packed programme of talks and presentations, together with opportunities to network and engage in discussions with our experts based here at Royal Holloway.

  • Two guest speakers: Professor Steve Babbage, Vodafone & Honorary Professor, ISG, ‘The road to 5G Security.’ and Professor Colin Williams, Editor "CyberTalk" & Honorary Fellow, Warwick: ‘A Tale of Beer, Chile, Sheffield .... and Syn!’


  • Thematic rooms with talks, demos and activities, including cryptography, smart cards, systems security, people and security.


  • an exhibit of one of the famous Enigma Machines from Bletchley Park, used during World War Two.


  • Sound bite talks from current students.


  • Display of PhD posters.


  • Panel discussion


We are very grateful to our sponsors - Thales, GSK, Skybox Security and Royal Holloway ACE-CSR.


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