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Analogue Modelling Laboratories

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Analogue Modelling Laboratories

Custom designed analogue modelling laboratories

Developed by the Fault Dynamics Research Group and funded through collaborative research with the international petroleum and mining industries, the department has two custom designed analogue modelling laboratories.

A variety of different experiment rigs have been designed for modelling of extensional, compressional, inversion, strike-slip and delta style tectonic settings. High-resolution DSLR cameras are used for standard monitoring of the deformation along with LAVision 3D image correlation equipment for analysis of particle displacements and strains in the scaled analogue models. The laboratories are also fully equipped with overhead rails for photographic monitoring and lighting equipment, and air-conditioning to maintain stable laboratory temperatures.

Uniaxial and ring shear material testing apparatus are used for analysis of the stress-strain properties of the analogue modelling materials. The latest industry standard software is utilised to analyse the experimental results as well as implementing our own programmes where needed.


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