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Family-friendly policies

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Family-friendly policies

The Department of Computer Science sets out in this page its commitment for supporting staff in relation to maternity, paternity and adoption.

The Department follows and implements all College policies and procedures in relation to maternity, paternity and adoption, which can be found in the HR website under Family Friendly Policies. This page does not fully transcribe those policies, and should therefore be read in conjunction with the official College documents.

In each section below, we start by summarizing College policy and then add (in bold) Department-specific policy items that reflect our ethos.

In relation to adoption, departmental policies that apply to maternity also apply to the individual who adopts or, in the case of a couple jointly adopting, the partner that the couple chooses to take adoption leave. Paternity policies apply to the partner of an individual who adopts or the other member of a couple who are adopting jointly.

The Department is clear that there will be no discrimination and bias of any form in relation to staff who benefit from these policies. The Department is committed to ensuring equality and diversity and the purpose of this policy statement is to ensure that parents and parents-to-be have the opportunity to integrate the development of a career with their family responsibilities.

You can also download our Departmental Maternity/Paternity/Adoption policy statement.

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