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Making friends and getting involved

Some tips on how to meet people like you!

Worried about making friends and settling in when you join us at Royal Holloway? Almost everyone who starts at university is looking to make new friends, so you’re already in good company! There's also lots of great events on campus during Welcome Week to help you meet new people, and most students find that getting settled was a lot easier than they thought it would be.

That said though, here's our quick tips on how to make new friends and get involved during Welcome Week!

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Student listening to music in her dorm

Get out of your room and have a look around

There's a whole world out there

Our top bit of advice is to get out and about, and don't be afraid to introduce yourself to people! You might find some of your best friends turn out to be living right next to you in your Hall, or they might be people you meet at an event or in a sports club or society.

If you're going to spend some time in your room (like when you're unpacking) maybe leave the door open so your new hallmates can find you and say hello.


Freshers fair students talking with polo club sign in background

Join a society

From fashion or film to ballroom dancing and standup comedy

The Students’ Union has lots (146 at last count!) of sports clubs and societies for you to join, from fashion or film to cheerleading and ultimate frisbee. Student societies run lots of events in Welcome Week and are a great place to meet people as you'll already have a common interest.

The Freshers Fayre will take place on Monday 18 and Tuesday 19 September, during Welcome Week and brings together all our clubs and societies in one place. You can find out what every society is up to all year round and sign up as a new member right away! 

Most societies also have websites and social media pages where you can meet existing members and find out what's on too. Find out what societies there are on campus and say hello online.


Volunteer or get a part-time job

Make a difference and meet people while you do it

Volunteering is a great way to meet people, explore our community, and to grow as a person. 

Our award-winning Community Action team has over 2,000 registered volunteers and over 250 partners in the local community. You could get involved in all kinds of projects, from helping protect animals and the environment, to helping refugees and older members of our local area. Find out what you could get involved in.

A part-time job is the perfect way to make new friends, gain experience and meet friends while you do it! Our Careers & Employability Service runs a range of fairs throughout the academic year, including the Part-time Jobs Fair, taking place on Wednesday 27 September!  This fair is a great place to meet employers, find out about job opportunities and get a job that fits withyur studies.

The Part-time Jobs Fairs even offer on-the day interview slots with Thorpe Park – bring your CV to the Thorpe Park stand and maybe get a job on the spot!

With so many bars and food outlets on campus there are lots of job opportunities here, too! The Students’ Union alone employs more than 250 students in a range of roles from bar and catering through to graphic designers and social media coordinators.

Sports in the South Quad

Keep active

Burn some calories, make some friends

Our sports facilities are excellent and with an on-site fitness suite and group exercise classes it couldn't be easier to keep active! The Active Programme includes drop-in sport and a social league, all of which are inclded with some memberships. 

Our Sports Centre has a whole programme of drop-in sessions and social leagues that continue all year round too, so why not get started during Welcome Week?

Chatting in The Hub

Meet with your Peer Guide

 Make friends and get tips from someone on your course

Peer Guides are continuing students from your course who can help you with questions about studying and social life at university. They're a great opportunity to meet people from your subject in smaller groups.

Your department will arrange times to meet your Peer Guides for you during Welcome Week.

Welcome Tent students in a group with a teal sign

Hang out at the Welcome Tent

Meet the welcome team and other new students in Founder's Square

The Welcome Tent is open throughout Saturday to Monday from 8.30am - 6pm.  There's people from lots of different parts of the College there to help you out with any problems you might have, but it's also just a nice place to hang out and meet other new students. You can get food and drinks from Crosslands or The Cafe on The Square and spend some time relaxing as new students come and go.