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Experimental Physics MSci

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Experimental Physics MSci

  • UCAS code F313
  • Option 4 years full time
  • Year of entry 2019

The course

Four centuries of scientific advancement would have been impossible without experimental discoveries. Even today, we continue to learn from the methods used by luminaries like Galileo, Newton and Faraday, who changed the course of history with the discovery of the moons of Jupiter, the spectral splitting of white light and the uncovering of fundamental electromagnetic effects.

Experimental physics is also the engine behind modern technology; every measuring instrument and device known to humanity, from the wooden ruler to the most advanced high energy particle detection trigger mechanism for CERN was once discovered or invented in the hands of a physicist.

On our four-year Experimental Physics MSci, we continue in this tradition, delving into the thrills and surprises that nature has in store, making challenging experiments work, and convincing others that your observations and measurements are correct. As long as experiments are performed correctly, you could render the most longstanding, elegant and profound theories utterly obsolete by one simple experimental fact. 

While we’ll cover the same core skills and concepts of the Physics BSc programme for the first two years, the focus will later shift to the experimental techniques and methods that drive modern Physics. You’ll take courses like Frontiers of Metrology, Metals & Superconductors, with the key focus on experimental components through our specialist laboratory teaching.

Your fourth year will be at an intercollegiate level, so you will choose from options like Quantum Computation, Nanoscale Physics and others. With your final year Major Project, you’ll get individual tuition on experiments, which you’ll perform as part of one of our world-class experimental research groups.

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Source: DLHE, 2017

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