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World and Comparative Literatures and Cultures

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World and Comparative Literatures and Cultures

  • Option 3 years full time
  • Year of entry 2021

This programme is currently under development and may be subject to change

The course

BA World and Comparative Literatures and Cultures is a unique degree which gives you the opportunity to develop global cultural awareness by discovering a world of literature, as well as the chance to explore art, film and philosophy. Everything is accessible in English, and an exciting, diverse range of modules enables you to explore different places, periods, genres and media whilst developing sophisticated critical, analytical and communication skills.

Studying World and Comparative Literatures and Cultures will broaden your horizons and passions, and give you a critical edge as you range from the local to the global, from literature to visual arts. In your journeys of discovery, you’ll compare how literature and culture can reflect and influence the different political, social and economic contexts in which they are created. At the same time, you’ll explore the production, transmission and translation of texts and ideas, examining how they can operate as mechanisms of power and influence and inform understandings of cultural difference and identity. This degree is designed to be at once interdisciplinary and flexible, so alongside core courses which help you become a persuasive and inclusive thinker and communicator, you’ll be able to shape your studies according to your own evolving interests.

You will be taught by world-class experts who genuinely want to get to know you. We create a supportive environment, often using group work so you can try out new ideas and participate in lively discussions. Throughout your studies, you will receive personal guidance to ensure your course is aligned with your strengths, interests and career plans. As part of our close-knit international community, you will be able to get involved with an array of cultural initiatives that take place on campus and make the most of being within easy reach of London and its many events and attractions.

Our flexible degree programmes enable you to apply to take a Placement Year, which can be spent studying abroad, working or carrying out voluntary work. You can even do all three if you want to (minimum of three months each)! To recognise the importance of this additional skills development and university experience, your Placement Year will be formally recognised on your degree certificate and will contribute to your overall result. Please note conditions may apply if your degree already includes an integrated year out, please contact the Careers & Employability Service for more information. Find out more.

  • Explore literature, philosophy and art from different places, periods and genres
  • Become a persuasive and inclusive communicator, able to range from the local to the global
  • Enjoy core courses that will develop your skills and knowledge
  • Optional modules to shape your studies according to your own evolving interests and passions
  • Hone invaluable critical and analytical skills that make you stand out from the crowd 

Comparative Literature and Culture Undergraduate Admissions




Admissions office: +44 (0)1784 414944


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