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The Department of Geography is committed to inspiring the next generation of geographers through a wide programme of activities every year.

From our highly-regarded series of Monday night lectures, open days and taster days, to a wide variety of school talks given by our academic staff, we’re dedicated to raising the profile and uptake of geography in schools. In turn, we aim to reinforce the key ideas and concepts that make geography such an important subject of study in an era of considerable global change.

Monday night lectures

We are delighted to invite you to the first lecture in our Monday Night Lecture series devoted to geographical perspectives on the climate crisis. In this first lecture Professor Ian Candy will discuss ‘Climate change and the climate crisis: is it because of us?’ The lecture will focus on the evidence for natural climate change and show how this can be used to understand the role human actions are now playing in  climate change. The lecture will be in the Queens Building from 5pm (starting at 5:30pm) on the 7th October.

In this second lecture on geographic perspectives on the climate crisis Dr Simon Armitage will present on ‘Abrupt climate change and life in arid environments: Past and present case studies from North Africa’ .Arid regions are particularly susceptible to climate stress and are also have seen significant changes in climate even in the fairly recent past. In this lecture Dr Armitage will explore the changing climates and environments of North Africa and show how these can impact human populations in the past and also the challenges facing populations now. The lecture will be in the Queens Building from 5pm (starting at 5:30pm) on the 14th  October.


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