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What to pack

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What to pack

Here you can find advice on the UK climate, luggage tips and electrical equipment.

The UK climate

The UK has a relatively mild climate, without extremes of hot or cold. However, if you come from a warm climate, it will probably feel quite cold and wet.

  • Generally the coldest (winter) months are between November and March. We rarely get snow but in the winter the temperature can dip below zero degrees Celsius, particularly at night.
  • The warmest (summer) months are between May and September.
  • Our weather is unpredictable. One moment, the sun can be shining, the next it can be raining.

Luggage tips

  • Check with your airline on its luggage restrictions.
  • Label your luggage clearly. If you’re staying on campus, include the name of your Hall of Residence and room number. Put the same information on labels inside your luggage as well, in case the outer labels are torn off.
  • We can’t store any luggage for you in advance of your arrival.
  • Pack any valuables in your carry-on bag plus all the documentation you need to enter the UK and register at Royal Holloway.
  • Make a note of your passport number and the place and date when it was issued  and keep in a safe place. Also,  take a photo of your passport and visa and keep an electronic copy of both documents.
  • Make sure you pack an umbrella and waterproof coat. You will definitely need them!

Electrical equipment

  • The British electrical supply is rated at 240 volts/50 cycles.
  • Make sure that any electrical equipment you’re bringing is compatible.
  • Conversion plugs are widely available from electrical shops.
  • Many of the older Halls of Residence have only one or two electrical plugs and restrictions on the amount of power that equipment can use.
  • We’ll let you know about any such restrictions when we send you information about your room.
  • In some of the Halls of Residence, you can’t use your own electrical equipment in the kitchens.

Student Services Centre

Our Student Services Centre can help with non-academic related enquiries eg college cards, enrolment and graduation.

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