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Travelling to Royal Holloway

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Travelling to Royal Holloway

Royal Holloway is just seven miles from Heathrow airport and only 40 minutes by train from central London. We offer a free pick-up service from Heathrow when you first arrive to help make your arrival stress-free.

Travel from Heathrow airport

  • Free airport pick-up - We offer a free pick-up service from Heathrow airport. This service is for new international and EU students only. Find out more here.
  • By taxi - We recommend that you don’t take a black taxi from the airport, as these are very expensive. Instead, call a local taxi company such as Gemini Taxis (call 01784 471 111 or email They will charge about £25 for a taxi from Terminals 2 - 4 and £19 from Terminal 5.  These rates normally apply from 6am to midnight. You can also arrange for someone from the taxi company to meet you in the arrivals hall - see the 'Meet & Greet' service on Gemini’s website.

Other travel to Royal Holloway

For other travel to Royal Holloway, including travel from other airports and travel by train, bus and road, see our general travel information.

Other airports are much further away than Heathrow and a taxi will cost you £60 or more depending where you arrive.

Student Services Centre

Our Student Services Centre can help with non-academic related enquiries eg college cards, enrolment and graduation.

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