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The Gentian Scholarship for Access

The Gentian Scholarship for Access

This scholarship covers the full tuition fee for one student from the UK who is applying for a degree in a STEM subject. It was set up to help disadvantaged students further their education and is funded by Mr and Mrs Gent who are looking for talented and ambitious applicants who will most benefit from financial support and go on to contribute to society themselves.

They said: "One of us came from a family where no one had been to the equivalent of a grammar school, much less university. Thanks to the scholarship he received, he was able to pursue a rewarding career with international organisations, which has also provided the funding for this award. It can be done!

"We want to know whether you have what it takes to overcome obstacles and succeed.  Of course we are very interested in your academic record. But also very important for us is what you have done beyond exams. So tell us about other things you are proud of, what your ambitions are and how these might contribute to society in general."

Am I eligible?

You must have UK fee status and be a UK National, domiciled in the UK with expected or final grades at GCE A-Level of at least BBB or equivalent.

You must also meet at least two of the below criteria:

  • Attend a low-performing school, based on whether the school or college performs below the national average at GCSE and/or GCE or equivalent qualifications
  • Have a disability
  • Have been care for more than three months
  • Be a mature student (aged 21 or over at the start of the course)
  • Live in a lower participation in higher education neighbourhood
  • Have no parental experience of Higher Education

You must have received a conditional or unconditional offer from us to study one of the following degrees:

Biological Sciences

  • BSc Biochemistry
  • BSc Biology
  • BSc Biomedical Sciences
  • BSc Ecology and Conservation
  • BSc Medical Biochemistry
  • BSc Molecular Biology
  • BSc Zoology

Computer Science

  • BSc Computer Science
  • BSc Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)
  • BSc Computer Science (Information Security)
  • BSc Computer Science (Software Engineering)
  • MSci Computer Science
  • MSci Computer Science (Artificial Intelligence)
  • MSci Computer Science (Information Security)
  • MSci Computer Science (Software Engineering)

Earth Sciences

  • BSc Digital Geosciences
  • BSc Environmental Geology
  • BSc Environmental Geology with a Year in Industry
  • BSc Geology
  • BSc Geology with a Year in Industry
  • BSc Petroleum Geology
  • MSci Environmental Geoscience
  • MSci Environmental Geoscience with a Year in Industry
  • MSci Environmental Geoscience with a Year of International Study
  • MSci Geoscience
  • MSci Geoscience with a Year in Industry
  • MSci Geoscience with a Year of International Study

Electronic Engineering

  • BEng Electronic Engineering
  • BEng Electronic Engineering with a Year in Industry
  • MEng Electronic Engineering
  • MEng Electronic Engineering with a Year in Industry
  • BEng Computer Systems Engineering
  • BEng Computer Systems Engineering with a Year in Industry
  • MEng Computer Systems Engineering
  • MEng Computer Systems Engineering with a Year in Industry


  • MSci Physics
  • MSci Astrophysics
  • MSci Theoretical Physics
  • MSci Physics with Particle Physics
  • BSc Physics
  • BSc Astrophysics
  • BSc Theoretical Physics
  • BSc Physics with Particle Physics


  • BSc Mathematics
  • MSci Mathematics
  • BSc Mathematics with Statistics
  • BSc Mathematical Studies
  • BSc Computer Science & Mathematics
  • BSc Mathematics & Physics
  • MSci Mathematics & Physics

How do I apply?

Applications for 2021 entry have now closed.

Applicants will be made aware of the outcome of their applications from 28 May, 2021.

Please provide a scholarship statement of up to 400 words which should include the following:

  • academic achievements and other activities you are particularly proud of and why these really matter to you
  • why have you chosen to do the degree you have applied for an explanation of your need for this scholarship along with details of your personal background and any special personal or family circumstances affecting your need for financial assistance
  • from a financial standpoint, what impact this scholarship would have on your education
  • how you intend to use your education to contribute to society in the future.

Your statement will be judged on how effectively and convincingly you respond to the above and meet the donors' objectives.

The scholarships are available as a full tuition fee reduction. This is equivalent to the full annual Home tuition fee over the first three years of study, unless you spend a year abroad or on an industrial placement. In such cases, the tuition fee reduction will be applied in year four, instead of year three.

If you are on a four-year course, with no industrial placement, or a five-year course with an industrial placement, the scholarship will be paid in the first three years of the degree course only.

You need to achieve an average academic grade of at least 60 per cent, each year, in order to keep receiving the scholarship.

Gentian scholars are also expected to:

  • Produce a ‘Student profile’ to be featured on Royal Holloway’s website and in publications such as the prospectus;
  • Help to promote scholarships and their respective academic department

(Scholars may be asked to participate in occasional promotional activities and to be interviewed, photographed and/or filmed by the university for promotional purposes.  Prior consent of the scholars will be requested in advance for this);

  • Provide letter of thanks to the Donor;
  • Meet the Donor on at least one occasion during each academic year (if appropriate);
  • Provide a summary of their experiences and future hopes at the end of their course;
  • Agree that Royal Holloway can share their final classification with the Donor.

Read our full terms and conditions.

If you have any queries please email

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