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Childs Family Future Leaders scholarship for History

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Childs Family Future Leaders scholarship for History

The Childs Family Future Leaders scholarship for History is available for a new undergraduate student with Home/EU fee status who has the potential to be one of the leaders of the next generation.

This scholarship covers the full tuition fee for three years of undergraduate study for students studying the following degrees:

    • BA History
    • BA History and Music
    • BA History and Philosophy
    • BA Modern and Contemporary History
    • BA History, Politics and International Relations

Am I eligible?

The Childs Family Future Leaders scholarship for History is awarded to a student who is capable of achieving AAA at A-level or equivalent and has outstanding leadership skills.    

The strength of your previous academic background will be considered where final grades are not yet available. We will use information provided on your course application and in this scholarship application to allocate awards. 

How do I apply?

Applications for 2019 entry have now closed

Once you have an offer to study here, you can apply on Royal Holloway Direct

Please provide a supporting statement of no longer than 400 words, which should include: 

  • academic achievements you are particularly proud of and why these really matter to you. 
  • why you have chosen to do the degree you have applied for. 
  • what your future aspirations are and how the scholarship will help you to achieve your future goals. 
  • how you have demonstrated outstanding leadership skills.
  • from a financial standpoint, what impact would this scholarship have on your education.

Your statement will be judged on how effectively and convincingly you respond to the above. 

Additional terms and conditions

The scholarships are available as tuition fee waivers. These are equivalent to the full annual Home/EU tuition fee over the first three years of study, unless you spend a year abroad or on an industrial placement. In such cases, the tuition fee waiver will be applied in year four, instead of year three.

If you are on a four-year programme, with no industrial placement, or a five-year programme with an industrial placement, the scholarship will be paid in the first three years of the degree programme only.

You need to achieve an average academic grade of at least 60 per cent, each year, in order to keep receiving the scholarship.

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