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Guaranteed accommodation

We guarantee all new undergraduates* an offer of accommodation in one of our Halls of Residence, as long as you accept your offer (by referring yourself to Royal Holloway on UCAS) by the following deadlines:

If you are made an offer of a place on a course on Friday 17 or Saturday 18 August, we guarantee you accommodation in our halls of residence. You need to accept your offer (refer yourself) by 10am on Monday 20 August and submit your application for accommodation by midnight on Tuesday 21 August.

Applications for accommodation submitted after this date will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis.

Please note it can take up to 24 hours after your place has been confirmed before your accommodation profile becomes active and you are able to apply for halls of residence.

*This applies to all new students including those coming through Clearing, Adjustment and Insurance. If you have previously been made an offer of accommodation for 2018 and did not accept it, we are unable to guarantee accommodation.

How to apply

Once you’ve referred yourself to Royal Holloway on UCAS, your status will change to Unconditional Firm and you’ll then be able to register and apply using our Online Accommodation System.

Accommodation visits

We offer a fantastic range of comfortable and good value accommodation and each of our Halls has its own unique identity. Find out more about where you could be living.

If you'd like to see some of our accommodation, you can sign up for one of our Clearing Visits or Campus Tours.

Other accommodation options

You can also live in private rented accommodation in the local area, where houses are of a high standard and living costs compare favourably with other parts of the South East.

The Students’ Union runs HouseSearch, an online service where you can search properties in the local area.
If you sign a contract for private accommodation, you won't be able to take a room in Halls.

Visit our private rented accommodation information to find out more.

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