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Professor Gloria Agyemang's why

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Professor Gloria Agyemang's why

Professor Gloria Agyemang | Head of School of Management

“My why… is inspiring and motivating our students."

To be able to operate successfully in the rapidly changing world of business, students need to develop their problem-solving and analytical skills, to create a deep understanding of key management processes and how businesses operate. Our ambition at the school is to prepare and equip you with the necessary tools to thrive in this ever-evolving environment, to help you succeed both now and in the future. We are passionate about our internationally excellent and world-leading business and management research, which we use to inform and shape our teaching – meaning you will learn through a combination of real-world experience and academic expertise. And with our student body and academics from all around the world, we have a truly international outlook.

My why is all about us inspiring and motivating you to realise your full potential as managers or leaders of the future. Everyone has dreams and ambitions – everyone wants to achieve something. And whatever you want to achieve whilst you’re studying with us, as well as whatever you want to achieve after you’ve graduated, my why is to empower you and enable you to get there.

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