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Resident Landlord accommodation (Lodgings) - what is it?

Resident Landlord accommodation (Lodgings) - what is it?

Resident Landlord accommodation is typically a room in the house which the landlord (and their family, where applicable) also lives in. It is also termed 'Lodgings'.

Resident Landlord accommodation usually falls under the term ‘Licence’, which is essentially the grant of permission to occupy certain accommodation. In the eyes of the law you will likely be an ‘excluded occupier’, but do seek verification of this (Shelter has a useful tenancy checker tool, which can be found here, and their webpages give information on the different types of occupier). Licence agreements are more informal and flexible than Assured Shorthold Tenancies, as only 'reasonable notice' is required to end the agreement. Please be aware that this also applies to the notice your landlord is required to give if they wish to evict you. It is possible, however, to find Fixed Term agreements being offered by resident landlords - these commit you to renting the room for a set period of time, and should detail any notice provisions (reasonable notice will not automatically apply). Therefore, it is important to check the agreement before you sign it.

Licence agreements also often include most of the utility bills in the rent. On occasion, resident landlords will offer to provide certain meals or other services for their student tenants; this is not, however, a requirement. We would recommend that you verify with your landlord what is and is not included in the rent, prior to signing an agreement.

Resident landlord accommodation is also a viable option if you require temporary accommodation in the local area, perhaps whilst you are on the waiting list for halls of residence, due to the requirement of 'reasonable notice' to end the agreement. If you are considering this, we would strongly encourage you to be open with your prospective landlord regarding the intended length of your stay.

Resident Landlord accommodation is advertised on the Student Accommodation office's private sector web-service, HouseSearch. This type of accommodation is not usually advertised via lettings agents.



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