Residential Support Officers

Become a Residential Support Assistant (RSA)


Residential Support Team

The Residential Support Team has three main roles:

  1. To look after the welfare of the students who live in Hall
  2. To organise a range of social events
  3. To deal with any disciplinary issues.

Residential Support Assistants

Residential Support Assistants play a key role in the team and positions are open to postgraduate and undergraduate students with experience of living in Hall. The role requires: an ability to approach students fairly & professionally, the confidence & emotional stability to handle sensitive and difficult situations, to be a good mediator, communicator and investigator. You would also need to be responsible, reliable & an enthusiastic team member.

As a Residential Support Assistant you will receive:

  • A 50 per cent reduction in rent during term-time
  • A reference for future employers
  • A chance to live with team members
  • Premier accommodation options

Find out more

Opportunities to become an RSA will be advertised during the year.