Graduands in their graduation robes

What to wear


What to wear

All graduands attending a graduation ceremony must wear academic dress. This is made up of a gown, a hood and a hat. It’s your responsibility to order the appropriate academic dress from the College’s official gown supplier, Ede & Ravenscroft, ahead of your graduation ceremony.

Helpful tips

Graduation is a formal occasion, and you should wear smart clothing beneath your gown. Jeans, hoodies, trainers and flip flops should not be worn!

  • You will be required to walk quickly and up and down steps during the student procession, so make sure you wear suitable footwear
  • It is useful to wear a buttoned blouse or shirt. This makes it easier to attach the hood of your gown to your clothing. Magnetars will be available to purchase on the day to help your gown stay in place if your outfit does not have buttons.
  • It may be helpful to bring safety pins to ensure the hood stays in place, as well as hair grips if you have long hair
  • You won’t be able to carry any personal belongings with you during the ceremony, so please leave handbags and any other items with your guests if you can, or you can use our cloakroom facilities in the Windsor Building.

Ordering your gown

You should pre-order your gown hire online. You will be able to do this from the 13 March 2018.

The last date for ordering your gown will be the 1 July 2018.

All gowns cost £40 each.

Collecting your gown

Once you have ordered your gown you can collect it on the day of your ceremony from Windsor 002-03. Before you collect your gown, make sure your register your attendance and collect your red registration card. You can collect your gown during the following times:

Ceremony starts at: Gown collection from:
10.30am 8.30am
1.30pm 10.45am
4.30pm 1.45pm

Returning your gown

All academic dress must be returned to Windsor 002-03 by the following times (unless by prior agreement with Ede & Ravenscroft). If you do not return your gown on time you risk additional hire charges.

Graduation day Gown return deadline
Monday 7pm
Tuesday 7pm
Wednesday 7pm
Thursday 7pm
Friday 5pm

Forgotten to order your gown?

A limited number of gowns will be available to hire on the day. If you are hiring on the day you should give yourself extra time as you will need to fill in an order form and complete your payment (cash or card only). The correct size and type of gown cannot be guaranteed if you do not order in advance.