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You’ll be able to book your Graduation tickets online using our ticket booking website from 12 noon on 13 March 2018. You’ll be able to register your attendance and book up to two complimentary guest tickets (subject to availability) up until Sunday 27 May.

Please refer to our Graduation Policy for the terms and conditions of booking your tickets.


Complimentary tickets and additional tickets

You can book up to two guest tickets free of charge and then, subject to availability, buy additional guest tickets later if you need them (subject to availability). Students are allowed up to six guest tickets in total (subject to availability). 

Our Graduation Policy explains how this all works, though we've summarised the most important points for you here.

  • We don’t automatically allocate your complimentary (free) guest tickets. You must reserve these online when you register for Graduation.
  • You can only receive complimentary guest tickets if you confirm your attendance and book them before Sunday 27 May 2018.
  • If you don’t register your attendance and book your tickets by Sunday 27 May 2018, you’ll lose your entitlement to complimentary guest tickets. If you still need guest tickets at this point, you’ll have to buy them as additional tickets (subject to availability – see below).
  • There’s only so many seats in our venues, so our offer of up to two complimentary guest tickets per student is subject to availability. We offer complimentary tickets on a first come, first served basis, so we recommend you register your attendance and claim your complimentary tickets as soon as you can.
  • Complimentary guest tickets might be in either the Chapel or the Picture Gallery depending on what’s available when you book.
  • Guest tickets are not transferrable, so you can’t give your complimentary tickets to another student.
  • We release unclaimed complimentary tickets for resale 30 minutes before the start of each ceremony.  If you’re running late but you’re sure that you’ll make it, please call us on 01784 276641 and we’ll hold on to them for you.

Additional guest tickets

After Sunday 27 May, the booking site will close.  We’ll re-open it at 12 noon on 5 June to sell any remaining tickets (subject to availability) until 1 July 2018, or until all remaining tickets have been sold.

  • We charge £18 for each additional tickets.
  • We can’t guarantee there will be any additional tickets available, as it depends on whether any are left from the initial booking period before 27 May.
  • You can book a maximum of six guest tickets per student (including any complimentary tickets you’ve booked).

On the day sales

If we still have tickets left, or we have tickets returned by students who can’t make it, we’ll make these available for sale on the day.

  • On the day tickets will be sold in the Windsor Building.
  • You can buy on the day tickets from 90 minutes before the start of your ceremony.
  • We sell on the day tickets on a first come, first served basis and we don't operate a waiting list.
  • We can only sell on the day tickets directly to, or with the permission of, graduating students.
  • On the day tickets cost £18 each, which you can pay by cash or card.

Ticket returns and refunds

Complimentary tickets

If you no longer need your complimentary tickets, please return them! Let us know by emailing the Student Services Centre.

Don't forget, any complimentary guest tickets that aren't collected by 30 minutes before the start of the ceremony will be released for resale. If you're running late, you must contact us to let us know (01784 276641) or your tickets might be sold to someone else.

Refunds of paid guest tickets

If you’ve paid for additional tickets and decide before 4 July 2018 that you no longer need them, you can request a refund by completing our refund request form. We’ll then refund the amount in full, automatically.

After 4 July refunds will only be made be at our discretion. The latest you can request a refund is 27 July 2018.

To request a refund, you must complete the online form and return all unused tickets to the Student Services Centre or by post to Student Administration, Arts Building Annexe, Royal Holloway, TW20 0EX. We won’t refund you if you don’t give the tickets back to us.

Please refer to our Graduation Policy for further details on refunds.