Student in front of a blackboard with chalked question marks behind her, as though she is asking a question

Frequently asked questions


When is my graduation ceremony taking place?

The Summer Graduation ceremonies will be taking place between the 9 to 13 July 2018. The timetable for the ceremonies will be published in mid-February. 

Will I receive an invitation to graduation?

All students who are eligible to attend the graduation ceremonies will be emailed in March with instructions on how to register and book tickets.

What happens if I do not complete my programme and are therefore no longer eligible to attend graduation?

The Student Administration Team will check the eligibility of everyone who has confirmed their attendance at graduation. Those students who have not completed their programme will automatically receive refunds for any tickets they have purchased and their attendance will be cancelled.

We strongly advise you to confirm your attendance and book tickets even if you are not sure if you will complete your degree this year to avoid any disappointment (i.e. if you think you may need to repeat or resit next year). If you choose to wait until you know you have passed before you register to attend graduation, there may not be any guest tickets available.

How do I get a letter to support my visa application for myself or my guests to enter the UK to attend graduation?

The College is able to provide you with a supporting Graduation Visa Letter. We can only do this after you have confirmed your attendance and booked your guest tickets.

The visa letter request form will be made available once the ticket booking site opens at 12 noon on the 13 March 2018.

I need more than two guest tickets, what do I do?

Any remaining tickets following the initial booking period will be made available to purchase online from 12 noon on the 5 June 2018. These will be subject to availability and will be sold at £18 per ticket on a first-come first-served basis.

Any remaining or returned tickets after the booking site closes for the second booking period will then be sold on the day, 90 minutes before the start of the ceremony at £18 per ticket. Tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis from the Windsor Building.

Please be aware that tickets will only be sold to, or with the permission of, graduands.

Can I park on campus?

Guest parking is provided on campus. To park on campus you will need a parking pass. This will be emailed to you as an attachment once you confirm your attendance on the Student Registration & Booking Site. Please print this pass and display it clearly in the windscreen of your vehicle. Without it, you will not be permitted to park on campus.

If you did not receive a pass in your confirmation email, please email the Graduation team and a pass will be sent to you.

Disabled parking will also be provided.

What if one or more of my guests require additional access arrangements?

As part of the Student Registration & Ticket Booking process you will be asked whether any of your guests have a disability. We will then contact you to discuss their needs to make sure that appropriate seating is reserved for them in the venue.

Can children attend the ceremony?

As part of the registration and ticket booking process you will be asked whether you are bringing any guests under the age of five to the ceremony. Children are welcome to attend graduation but please note that the ceremonies are formal in nature and young children may become restless or unsettled during the ceremony. To ensure the enjoyment of other guests, and to avoid any disruption to the ceremony, guests with very young children will be asked to sit near the exit of the venue to allow them to leave at any time should they need to do so.

Children under the age of five do not require a guest ticket but must sit on an adult’s lap during the ceremony.

Children aged five and over must have their own ticket. Please note that there are no child concessions.

Can my guests and I stay on campus overnight?

If you would like to stay on campus with your guests we have accommodation available at the Hub and our premium Halls of Residence. Rooms in Halls are grouped into flats of eight, featuring double rooms (for single or double occupancy) with en-suite shower and bathroom as standard. The Hub is a guest house which offers single, double and executive family en-suite rooms. You can book your accommodation online. To reserve accommodation in Halls, please set the ‘Area’ to ‘New Halls’ and enter the promotion code GRAD2018.