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Get help with an emergency or contact Security

If in doubt, call the emergency services on 999

The UK Police, Ambulance and Fire Services can be reached on 999 (or 112) from any UK telephone, including locked mobile phones.

If you need to call the emergency services on campus, please also call Security on 01784 443888 – they’ll help to direct the emergency services when they arrive.


If you discover a fire, activate the nearest fire alarm then leave the building immediately. Then call Security immediately on 01784 443888 if safe to do so – they will take additional information to guide the emergency services to the emergency.


If a crime is in progress or someone’s life is in danger, call 999 immediately.

If you need to report a non-emergency issue to the Police – such as reporting a crime that’s already happened – call 101 or visit the Surrey Police website for other ways to make a report.

Medical emergencies

If you have a life-threatening medical emergency, call 999 immediately.

Then call Security on 01784 443888 if it’s safe to do so: they’ll take additional information to guide the emergency services to the emergency.  For a non-life threatening emergencies please consider reading the medical help and advice page

Emergency maintenance

If you have an emergency maintenance issue (like a serious water leak), report this to your Hall Reception as soon as possible. If your Hall Reception is closed, call Security on 01784 443063.

Distress or mental health emergencies

If you are contemplating suicide, or a friend is contemplating suicide, seek assistance immediately.

During office hours (Monday-Friday, 9am – 5pm) please consider contacting:

  • Student Counselling
    The Counselling service reserves a session every working day for students in immediate distress. Counselling is highly confidential, but the service reserves the right to mobilise other support if someone’s life or health is in immediate danger.
  • The Health Centre
    Appointments with the Health Centre can be arranged in extremely short notice in an emergency, even if you are not registered there.
  • College Security
    The security team are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and can arrange help for a wide range of issues. Contact them on 01784 443063 or by visiting the control centre in Founder’s East reception.

Outside office hours please consider contacting:

  • College Security
  • Residential Support
    If you live in Halls, call Security on 01784 443063 – they’ll be able to send an on-duty Residential Support Assistant to help.
  • Health Centre
    The Health Centre telephone number (01784 443131) will put you in contact with the local out-of-hours medical service at all times.
  • London Nightline
    London Nightline is a student led advice service who can listen to you and talk about things over the phone.  They offer help and advice on 020 7 631 0101 between 6pm and 8am every night in term-time.  Their website gives other contact methods including email and Skype.
  • St Peter’s Hospital, Chertsey
    St Peter’s has a 24 hour casualty service and a specialist Psychiatric Liaison Officer on call.  You can contact St Peter’s switchboard on 01932 782000.
  • NHS 111
    The NHS 111 service offers general health advice and support over the telephone.
  • Samaritans
    The Samaritans provide emotional support over the telephone on 08457 90 90 90 at any time.  The Samaritans are completely confidential.

Do you have a friend in crisis?

Read our ‘helping a friend in crisis’ guide

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Emergency services 999

Security (emergency) 01784 443888

Security (enquiries) 01784 443063

 Student Counselling

 Student Health Centre

 Residential Support

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