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Jenny Weeks - History

Degree programme: HistoryJenny Weeks

Year of study: Third

Why did you choose to study at Royal Holloway?

Royal Holloway exceeded all my criteria for a university. It provides a lovely 'community-campus' feel, and is a convenient train ride away from all the museums and archives in London! I also fell in love at first sight with the gorgeous Founder's Building, and loved every minute of living there in my first year.

What do you enjoy most about History?

For me, it's the privilege of actually getting to hear all about my tutors' new books before they've even been published, which is really exciting! Discovering new interests and choosing from a wide variety of topics, from medieval medicine to 20th century politics, has been the real high point of my degree. I have developed skills in time management and how to present my ideas confidently. Overall, I feel like I have taken a huge step forward from work at school to independent research.

What's your favourite thing about being a student at Royal Holloway?

The History department makes up some of my favourite people by far. Both my fellow students and the department staff are incredibly supportive. I love dropping in on my tutors' office hours and just having a cup of tea and a chat, as well as discussing my research. I also love the libraries on campus. Personally I need to change in a day from silent study to discussing in a group, and it's great that the libraries provide both. The new library development is going to add to this, and I look forward to using it next year whilst I am studying for my Masters! 

What is the student life like?

If you come to study at Royal Holloway, you become part of an international university - you make so many new friends and connect with people from literally all over the world. There is always something going on at the SU, whether it's a clubbing night, a musical, a market or a sports match, you get so much good variety here with the hundreds of teams and societies we have. The History Society organises loads of social events so you can go to a talk or watch a film with people who love history just as much as you do!


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