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Roxy Prophet: Video Production Intern

Roxy Prophett

Roxy Prophet, BA Media Arts, is our current Video Production Intern. She has been working with our Communications and External Relations team since March 2012.


Why did you apply for the role and where was it advertised?


It was advertised by my department Head. When I expressed an interest he helped me go over my application. I have experience in corporate film making and thought this job was perfect for me as a person and student.  


How many hours do you work per week?


I work up to seven hours a week, sometimes more depending on my availability!

What projects have you undertaken and what skills have you learned?


So far I have produced 10 short films and edited a three hour production of the ‘Marriage of Figaro’. I have developed multiple skills. With film making, every time you take the camera out you learn something new!


But most of all, I have learnt how to communicate effectively with people and find out what they are after in a film so it is produced to the standard they require. It’s been a great experience so far - there is always something different and interesting to do! I had never edited a three hour film and it helped me work on my editing skills and built up my confidence to go out into the big wide world!


How are you finding the role? How are the people you work with?


It has lived up to and exceeded my expectations. It works well to suit itself around my life and has helped me gain more skills for the future. One of the best parts is that all the staff I work with are kind, friendly and very welcoming which has made everything perfect.


How are you combining work with study? Is it difficult?


Combining my work with study is not difficult at all. My boss is brilliant! She ensures that I don’t have too much on my plate and she puts a lot of effort into making sure that the assignments I am given fit around my deadlines and avoids stressful periods when my coursework is due. 


How do you think your role will benefit you in your future career? What do you hope to get out of it?


My role has built up my confidence and given me the key experience to put on my CV when I leave Royal Holloway. I feel that in the long run it is what will set me apart from other people applying for the same role and make my application stronger. It gives me the confidence to push myself further and to try and get a higher position in the media industry. 


Would you recommend working whilst studying?


I think having a part-time job is a brilliant thing to do while you study. University can consume you in its world and I feel a part-time job allows you to look at the reality of the world outside. It gives you the confidence to believe you have the chance to achieve more in the future!


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