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Lucy Springett: Customer Services Assistant

LucyspringettLucy Springett, BA Media Arts, works as a Customer Services Assistant at the Hub, which is home to the Halls reception for Gowar and Wedderburn and Tuke, Williamson and Butler. The Hub is also used as a catering outlet and provides bed and breakfast accommodation for guests.

Why did you apply for the role and where was it advertised?

I was aware of the role of Customer Services Assistant being a great position within the campus team and despite not seeing it advertised, I decided it would be worth getting in contact to enquire whether there were any positions available. 

I am a proud member of Royal Holloway University and felt that as a member of the Customer Services team I would be able to channel this into my work well and help to positively reflect the University.

How many hours do you work per week?

The hours are really flexible but I would say that usually I work between 14 to 21 hours per week. You have the chance to get involved with the conference seasons at Easter and in summer too which is great if you’re hoping to take on more shifts when you’re not studying. 

What projects do you undertake and what skills have you learned?

Through my time so far as a Customer Services Assistant I have learned numerous skills that I feel I could transfer to both my work ethic at university and later on in life. Due to a large amount of training at the early stages of the job, you are given the confidence to work independently, managing the tasks that need to be fulfilled each day.

I am also trained on a number of programmes that contribute to the daily running of campus, ensuring that students are able to have their needs met. Whilst working independently, it is also a team based job and therefore it has taught me the importance of communication and negotiation between the different campus teams to ensure that everything runs smoothly. 

How are you finding the role? How are the people you work with?

The team was really welcoming and supportive when I first joined and therefore the thought of learning the different aspects to this new role was a lot less daunting! Under supervision, I was gradually taught all about managing the job and different duties I will need to fulfill each day. Due to this support early on, it meant when I finally had the independence to work on my own on a shift I felt confident and happy that I could manage the reception desk well. Every day I come into contact with someone new and different on campus, whether it be a member of the campus staff team or a student which means the job always stays fresh, no day is the same! 

How do you combine work with study? Is it difficult?

Since starting the job, I have not yet felt that combining work with study is an issue. Through having this job it has taught me the importance to having time management skills and therefore if anything it has made me more productive at getting my work completed! Due to it being a job based on a university campus, the management team are aware of the importance of studies and are flexible with hours when time off work may be a necessity.

Does your role benefit you in your future career?

With the hopes of pursuing a media based career, it is hugely important to be in control of a number of aspects of the job and to be on the ball at all times. Time management is key and presenting yourself and the company you work for in a positive light is crucial to succeeding in the industry. I feel that my role gives me the chance to improve on all these skills and hope that by the end of my time as a Customer Services Assistant I will feel confident applying these skills when securing a graduate job. 

Would you recommend working whilst studying?

I would definitely recommend working whilst studying, I feel that through having a job I have been able to learn a number of disciplines and skills that I would have struggled to learn through purely studies alone. I personally don’t feel that it affects my studies and it helps me to gain more skills to ensure I have a well-rounded CV for when I come to apply for a graduate job.  I have had a job ever since the age of being legally able to and I feel I have learned just as much through my working life as I have learned through my school and university life. 


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